Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Patrick's Post: The Date

Sorry to leave y'all hangin' after my intense vow to take my wife out on a date. It was more difficult to make happen than I had forseen. Nevertheless, the date finally took place--and there was much rejoicing! Tawna was anxious for a break from our angelic tornado of a son and I was excited to be with my woman with no distractions. This was our destination:

The Art City Trolley Restaurant in Springville! It was a fun place with a cozy atmosphere. Being the newbs that we were, we walked up those front steps to enter when the entrance is in the back.

We picked a bummer of a night to go: they were out of a ton of stuff! I couldn't get the cod fish and chips that I wanted and had to settle on the salmon. It turns out the manager had been out of town for a couple of weeks and the incompetent head chef was left in charge to do the ordering. Needless to say, she under-ordered almost everything on the menu. Don't get me wrong, the chef is great at what she does best--cheffing! But as for the managing thing--not so much.

After our ful-FILLing meal, we headed over to the mall for some people watching--bingo style! Have you ever played People Bingo? It was great fun even though neither of us successfully completed a bingo. We were both one away and our time was growing short. Plus, we succumbed to the consumerism of the mall and spent some time shopping (some of it was practical, some not). No regrets with the shopping part, I just bet I could have found at least one person picking their nose for my bingo if we had looked a little bit longer! Other spaces on our Bingo cards contained things like a mullet, a nose ring, whiny kids, a double stroller, a kissing couple, and a biker dude. Give people Bingo a try when you are short on the cash (just don't do it at the mall if you have little willpower).

Friday, May 16, 2008

*Koooohhh Paahhh* *Koooohhh Paahhh*

This is not a real post.

My breathing is out of control! As I was lying on the couch reading through old posts, it once again occurred to me how Darth Vaderish I am starting to sound--seriously! Okay, well, maybe not QUITE. My breaths are just very audible, not so much *kooohh pah*. Its a little pathetic. Its not like out-of-breath breathing, just loud breathing. If I really focus, I can breath quietly, but it leaves me feeling a little short on air. Lovely. Poor Patrick. After a long day we lie in bed trying to sleep. UHHHHHH HUHhhhhHHH UHHHHHHHH HUUUUUHHHHHH UHHHHHHHH HUUUUHHHHHHHH. I often find myself apologizing for out vocalizing our very loud furnace. Lovely.

Patrick's Post: The Curse of Friday Night

Once again Friday night is upon us and once again it will pass without the desired results: a date with my wife. We have long been afflicted by the Friday Night Curse and its relentless decimation of our weekend plans. For Eons now, I have been trying to take Tawna on a much deserved, long overdue date. When Friday rolls around, something is always there to get in the way. It reminds me of teaching a great first discussion to an investigator and right when you get to the Joseph Smith principle and the account of the First Vision, the phone rings. You know it is important when stuff like that happens. Tonight, I am stricken with a cold that has left me nothing more than a Zombified man. I even had a babysitter and everything!

There is only one thing to be done. We are going out on TUESDAY.

(I was going to add a picture of a zombie, but open searching for one I was grossed out by all the blood and guts.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Okay. This was the best mother's day Ever. :) Patrick and Christian made me feel like a million bucks.

After getting limited sleep (of which he values immensely) Patrick got up early and made me a delicious breakfast of Blueberry pancakes, sausage, and Nesquik Chocolate milk, which he brought me, along with a beautiful bouquet of roses, to eat in bed. (story about the breakfast food: Saturday night as patrick was leaving to lock up the church, he asked what I wanted for breakfast-anything I wanted. Not associating the question with him wanting to make me breakfast for Mother's day, I said Chocolate milk- not the syrup kind, but the Quik kind. Donuts. Bacon. Sausage. He asked about blueberry pancakes- I said Id rather have chocolate milk. He left. I got a clue. Felt super bad- realized Id only requested stuff we didnt have, and realized I would love the pancakes and juice (which we DID have..) Doh.)

Anyways. PAtrick got christian fed and ready for church, took care of him all day, including all diaper duties, wrote and drew me a note, had christian draw me an "I love you, Mommy!" picture, and presented them with some of my favorite candies that afternoon. It was awesome. :)

Our past 2 mother's days together: #1) We announce to our parents that Im a pending mother and Patrick gives me a loving letter. 2) Patrick was on tour with the WS, but had, before he left, traced Christian's hand and made me a card for me to find that day. He also made a little video of he and christian singing some Mother primary songs for me to watch on the compy. 3) This past one.

I am so grateful to my husband and the value he places on motherhood. He is so wonderful and is so supportive of me in this role. Any success I may be having is because he is right there with me, cheering me on. I love you, babes.

To my moms: I love you! Thanks for all you do. I hope you had a most wonderful mother's day, too!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Patrick's Post

Too long I have taken an idle role in this family log of sorts, well no longer! Stay tuned for a weekly post by yours truly to get some testosterone pumping through this site! First up: my birthday money purchases. Bask in the glory of this excellent sports gear!

These are the boots I'm looking to buy. I am not sure which size to go with yet, but that can be rectified with a quick jaunt down to the nearest sports gear store where I can size up my feet with some similar boots. I'm going with the Nike kit because their boots are narrower than the Adidas and I have narrow feet (feet/skis). I can't find a picture of the Spalding NBA basketball I just bought, but it was a steal at $20! Yesssss! Now to go hoop it up tomorrow morning at the church!

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