Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anna Marie Turns Three!

My baby girl is Three.  
She's gone from this

To This

in three, short, beautiful years. 

Anna has been the Little Miss of our family.  She's the scowler and the giggler. 
She's Mommy's Girl. 

Taking a cue from a little exchange my own mom went through daily with my younger brother,  I have started a similar mantra with Anna:
"Anna, I will be your mommy for ever and ever."
"I will be your girl for ever and ever."

Followed by

"Best Friends?"
"Best Friends."

I am so incredibly grateful for my AnnaBoo. Annabelle.  Anna Boo Hoo.  Missy Moo. 
 Missy Moo Pot.  
Little Miss. 

She gives the daintiest kisses. 
She has the best, low, growly, manly, 'pretend' voice.

And she scowls. 

She's a candy sneaker. 
(While at the Mom and Dad Summerhays' home over Christmas, my SIL walked into the kitchen to find Anna hiding under the kiddie table with her hands clutched up by her chest. 
"Anna, what are you doing? What have you got there?"

I entered the kitchen. 
"Anna, don't eat any more candy!"

"I not! I just loooking at it!"

She is loved fiercely by her brothers.  And she adores them. 

She is starting to insist daddy does things for/with her. For the first time in her life. :) 

Anna Marie. 
I love you. 

Thanks for being my girl.


I will be your Mommy for ever and Ever.  Happy Birthday. 


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