Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We were feeling Christmas-y extra early this year (Patrick mostly because it meant getting eggnog sooner). So! yes, it was even before Thanksgiving, we stayed up until 2:30 am setting up our tree. It was so fun to have the lights on and ready when we got Christian up in the morning. He loves the tree! When we brought him out into the room he let out a big baby sigh/gasp and just stared and stared. SO STINKING CUTE.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dress Up

who says boys can't play dress up? Or that daddies can't either, for that matter?

These pictures are taken just after halloween. Patrick got a giant Darth Tater for his birthday last year which had this as the top and all the potato characters inside. He was pretty excited to get Christian all Star Wars-ied. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Massive Events

I decided on the word 'massive' as opposed to 'major' because it clearly is more exciting. And let me tell you- we are excited!! WOOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOT! (can you feel it?)

So, we dissapeared for a month. but we are back.

Christian had a super rough month. 3 weeks ago he sustained a pretty major fall that landed us in the ER. He had such a massive lump on his head that the doc wanted a cat scan. The scan came back perfect, and Christian left with a super cute teddy bear from the nurse we have aptly named Bonkers.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving, he suddenly got super sick. We were at good ol Wally-World when he upchucked more than I think I could have. It was everywhere. That night in his crib, he upchucked again, but didn't wake us up to tell us. Instead, he moved to the other end of the crib where his dear dog Max was and thankfully Max gave him the comfort he was to weak to ask his dozing parents for. Lovely. A stuffed dog is a better parent. Alas.

So. All Turkey day the poor kid felt super sick. He was just so...sadish all day. Pretty much broke everyone's heart. We ended up taking him into the doc friday, who informed us he probably had an intenstinal virus. poor guy!

He finally started to recover...but all would not be well. 2 days after he seemed to be getting better...he woke up with a really phlegmy cough. Off to the doc again! Diagnosis? RSV or Croup. delightful.

anyways. Here's what we're so excited about:
Yesterday we discovered a back molar! (I KNEW he was teething!!)

OUR KID IS OFFICIALLY A WALKER!!! this has been about 6 months in the making. He pulled himself up to furniture and started scaling around like that right at 6 months. For about 2 months now, he's been able to take a few steps on his own. Then suddenly yesterday, he started taking more and more. By the end of the night, he was walking from the cocoa table down the hall and into his bedroom. It almost made me cry. My baby is growing up!!! (woah, do I sound like my mom or what? eh, it was inevitable.)

wooot wooot!

our genius's parents will be accepting gifts and fan mail on his behalf.

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