Sunday, August 21, 2011


much to post about, many pictures to place. But for now...


-Tomorrow is the first day back from school. I've always loved 'beginning' dates- it helps me feel motivated to implement change and try to improve myself and my life. P and I are going to try our best to change our lives- one day at a time. We've worked up a schedule/daily routine and tomorrow we start! We both know (and frequently say) that it. will. be. hard. Tough. Lots of tough and hard. but! We both know it will be so good and really improve our lives/family/selves if we push through. All good things take work, right?

-I am so in love with my kids. It makes my heart sad to think this is my last year home with Christian. He is so ridiculously sweet and good- and I KNOW I am going to be one of 'those moms' who sobs on the first day of kindergarten.

-We took brownies over to our friends tonight. Their son (I posted about him earlier) is such a good, good kid. He played "Cars 2 Tag" tonight with our boys- as the great Finn McMissile. Tomorrow we'll be bbqing with them. So grateful to their family and their friendship. So grateful.

-Basement is SO. CLOSE. It doesn't seem possible that we could actually finish and be able to use it. What?? ahh! So excited.

-32 weeks. <8 to go. What?! ahh! so much to do! Sigh.

-the boys played Tag with their baby brother the other night. They would run around, then come lightly tag my tummy and say "Tag brother! You're it!". So I did what any respectable mother would do- shoved out my belly and acted like it was chasing them. I only made it a few yards each time, but the boys were having a blast. Pretty fun for all three brothers to be playing tag. :)

Oop- its almost lights out time for out new schedule. Lots of thoughts. Lots of Blessings.

Gnight all.

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