Tuesday, July 31, 2007


We enjoyed a most awesome weekend! We went up to the cabin in Tibble Fork which has just been remodeled a bit. It was so fun! We played games (at which patrick completely dominated me), watched movies, ate tasty snacks, and made a most excellent dinner. I must say: Patrick and I make THE most stellar fried chicken. Man. It is so excellent, I was obligated to photo-document.

Saturday we hiked up to Timp Cave!!! I was so excited! I've never been there and it's been on my list of things to do. It was super hot when we started up at noon. I was surprised- the hike was fairly deadly. Props to those who frequent it. The cave was fun, not incredibly thrilling, but I was super excited to simply be there.

Gorgeous view! (And guys :) )

Proof: Been there, done that.

It was an exhausting hike down.

Saturday night was our friend Thomas Watkin's reception and afterwards we stopped by Mom and Dad's house for a visit. We told them of our new exciting news: Christian is getting his teeth!! They were so excited. It was great. We love them so much!

Christian christened the cabin's brand new sink Saturday night.

Sunday we ended up getting locked out of our apt. which was pretty much all my fault. Patrick was so good about it- he suggested we go upstairs (to our most wonderful neighbors ever) and have some rootbeer floats. He's amazing!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Family Reunion

The 2nd ever Gene and Debbie Hadfield Family Reunion was held in Yellowtone and the Grand Tetons Nat'l Parks. We had such a blast camping and reminiscing with the family. Mom Hadfield grew up in Yellowstone (Grandpa Spong managed the lodge) so we joined up with her older brothers Bob and Fred to learn all about the place. It was a riot!

Christian took to camping like a total pro.

July 4

We had such a fun 4th of July! The morning of Patrick's family came over and mom cooked up a super delicious breakfast. We had reserved our parade watching locale right outside our apt. for about 4 days...craziness! It sure was prime seating though.

The parade was quite fun. My dad is pretty funny. He's always had to work real hard in his life and has never had an 'easy time'. He thoroughly enjoyed the parade and commented several times "Wow! I've never been this comfortable at a parade before! I've got a chair, some nice shade...this is so nice!" Nothing like dad to make you realize how blessed you are. :)

Christian of course was cuter than humanly imaginable. He was having a bit of a rough time due to his 6month shots the day before which left him with a bit of a fever. He was tough though.

He had his dog max the whole time.

Updating Posts- July 3

We got a head start on our 4th of July festivities. Monday night we joined with Patrick's family at the Freedom Fest Colonial Days right by our house. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but then I've always been in to things like that. All the people were dressed in era clothes, and we got to see many original signatures/writings of important people of the time: Martha and George Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, etc. It was so amazing to me. I have always had such a deep respect and love for our founding fathers and for our country. God Bless America!

Tuesday night our sister Eliza came to spend the night. It was super fun. We played some mad rounds of DDR while my little brother Evan was there and then started up Harry Potter 4. I did Eliza's hair up in a fancy up-do, a talent I randomly came by in 9th grade when my best friend asked me to try and do her hair for a dance. I've been doing my friends' hair for fancy occasions ever since. I quite enjoy it. :) Plus my subject matters are always total babes. :P

Friday, July 20, 2007

P.S. As only Patrick is signed up to edit/arrange our blog, I, Tawna, will often end up making posts under his name. Just FYI in case anyone though he was sounding funny. :)

So, I've been pretty frustrated with this whole blogging thing because I can't figure out how to arrange/deco things the way I want them, but I've received renewed aspirations. Here goes; better luck this time!

Yesterday we said goodbye to our dear friends, the Tutts. I have to admit: as we were walking out to our car I felt a bit emotional. We wish them the best of luck with in Boston. I think it would awesome to move away to a big city like that for awhile. They are stellar people and I'm confident they're going to have a blast in this new phase of life. It's crazy to think someday....someday...we too will be moving on with our life like real adults. I've been thinking about this quite a bit- our friends will come and go as we move throughout our lives, but Patrick is here to stay. No matter where we go in life I'll always have him by my side. This is such a comfort!

We celebrated National Ice Cream Day yesterday- Gotta love America! :) In the car Patrick commented that here were the two best marriages created- ours and Peanut butter and chocolate. Hear, Hear! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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