Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Overheard at Our House

These are all Christian:

After breakfast one morning:

C: I'm all doooone!
Me: You sure? Are you still hungry? (these boys will eat a full breakfast, but then 5 min later ask for a snack.)
C: Nope. I'm all full. My Full makes me BIGGER and STRONGER!

While I was wrestling him on the floor- I was kneeling over him-
my 'bangs' kept falling forward out of my ponytail.

C: Mom. Your hair keeps flocking.

Today at breakfast:

C: Mom- what happens if Im dead? What if I die? (not sure where this death talk is coming from...he mentioned it a few days ago, too)
Me: If you die you get to go live with Heavenly Father and Jesus.
C: Yes. I want those guys.

Me too, son, me too.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Because Its Cute

Obviously have the need for serious updating.

However- I wanted to stick these pics up here b/c a) its a quick post, b) it will help me break through my updating-mental-blockage and mostly c) because she's dang cute.

first smile caught on camera.

i am so in love with this quilt my amazing mom-in-law made. and with this amazing girl P & I made. :)

getting ready for a family walk. (thanks for the super cute bear suit- marianne and austin!)

loving this. loving it.

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