Monday, October 18, 2010

Where we've been

Running. Lasers. Blast off.

Singing. Scripture memorizing. Speaking into the Microwavephone.

Sweetest Sunbeam I know.

Best big brother. Snuggling with Anna.

Lightning McQueen. Sally. Doc.

Ironing Man.

Mr. Concredible Hulk Glubs.

Wanting a Dunk Tank for birthday.

Soccer Star. Football Player. BYU blue through and through.

Picnics in the living room.

Alphabet airplane.

"Who's coming for dinner?" "Who can I eat dinner with?"
Social Man.

Tents on the bunk bed.

Lightning McQueen Boots.

Yellow Car Pottery Barn Designer.

Buzz Lightyear, HeMan, Sword in shirt.

To the Rescue!

Wake up. Crying. Trembling. Pupils dialated.

Help me, help me! I'm Falling!

Left side paralysis.

Loss of balance.

2 days fine.

Trouble again.

Head to Primary Children's Hospital.

Seizures of some sort.

CT scan good.
Sigh of relief.

EEG- abnormal.

Medications not working.

Increase dosage.

No improvement.

Increase in frequency. 12+ in one day?

No sleep.

Afraid to fall.

Playing with cousins, Soccer field. Race between Ironing Man and Buzz.
Face on the ground. Body tremors.

Cousin asks "Does your brain hurt?"
"I don't think so."

At the zoo with Papa and Grandma.

Need to Potty.


Get to bathroom.

Doesn't go.

Head back.

I hear him whine that he needs to potty. I'm frustrated. Kneel down to talk to him.

"It's bumpy, mama. My walk is bumpy."

Can't walk well as a result of seizure.

Heart breaks.

2 weeks.



Feeling Weak. Trying to be strong.
It's a front.

Sleepover in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

4 seizures.

5 seizures this morning.

Waiting for the doctor's call.
MRI result.


Playing with sister. Playing with brother.

My angel boy.

My Christmas Gift.

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