Thursday, November 29, 2012

Overheard at Our House

Yesterday I was helping Christian with some school work. At one point he wasn't really focusing or thinking and I playfully made some comment about "where's your brain?" or something (which, writing here comes across quite hurtful/damaging/mean/etc....but in real life it totally wasn't- so DONT JUDGE ME POSTERITY! fo realz.)  (anyways....)

To which he responded:
C: I'm a bear!
T:You're a bear?
C: Yes! I'm stuffed with fluff!

to which his aunt overhearing cracked up.

Very witty my son, very witty. :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Zoo Day

We are extremely fortunate to live within 1.5 hr drive to TWO amazingly awesome zoos.
And we LOVE the zoo.

After lots of Saturdays spent of Daddy working with That Wylie Band  at marching competitions, he finally had a free day. So, we all went to the Dallas Zoo. We bought an annual pass and are really looking forward to LOTS more zoo days!

 Our pass came with some tickets for the safari monorail!

  There was a really neat bird show- and Patrick got to hold up a dollar bill and have a bird come grab it out of his hand. Unfortunately, I was too slow on the flash. :/
 Chan donating a dollar to the Birds in Flight conservation effort. 

        Channing was an incredible trooper- walking the ENTIRE day.  Even when big brother needed some stroller breaks, Chan kept trucking along, cheerful as ever.

Can't wait to go back!

Back In the Saddle Again

   Welllll....... after FINALLY being able to upload all the pics on our camera (since JULY), I am itching to get back to recording this precious time in my little family's life.

So- I may or may not eventually touch on the following subjects:

-leaving our beautiful home/yard/wonderful friends in Gunnison, UT to start a whole new chapter of life in Texas.

....okay- so really- that whole tiny aspect is pretty major and has brought with it some incredible emotions, difficulties, blessings, trying times, and faith.

But. Rather than fret and lament over all I have missed recording, all I have to catch up on, all that I'm not doing, I'm just going to pick up right where life has led us to right here. Right now. This moment.

Start here. If the opportunity permits, look back.  Always remember our blessings.  Always remember that Father is aware of us.

But right here and right now- I will live in this moment. And be Joyful.

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