Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heard upon the changing table...

okay- so I may be going overboard with these posts lately, but i don't even care. :)

"Ooo! Those are my pantalones!"

While Patrick was getting ready to change Christian's diaper:

'you need help?' "Oh! You're changing my diaper? That's so cute! '


(in case you were wondering, Im pretty sure neither patrick or I have ever called either boys' diapers 'cute'...)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Overheard at our Church

Today during church I started crying.

I would like to say it was because of my extreme spiritualness.... but that would be a lie. (and I think it might be extra-bad to lie about spirituality...)

Christian, as you know, LOVES nursery. L.O.V.E.S.

And during sacrament meeting (our 80ish minute first block) he gets very impatient.

Today was our testimony meeting. (Once a month, the members of the congregation are invited to come up and bear testimony of Christ and the gospel)

After each testimony, Christian called out a big 'AMEN!'. This was cute, but also fairly normal.

During the last speaker, Christian was ready to be done. About 1 minute into what would be about a 5-8min testimony, Christian called out 'AMEN!'

The speaker didn't stop.

'AMEN!' 'AMEN!!'

The speaker kept going.


:Bursts of laughter from all around us:


This exchange continued for the remainder of the talk.

It was Hilarious.

and thus, I cried.

*Right now, Christian is shooting baskets and missed.
"That's Terrible!"


This kid cracks. me. up.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Overheard at Our House

The other night at the dinner table, Christian started singing:

Im not dead! Im not dead! Im not dead!

...Im dead!

No! :laughs: Im not dead! silly!

what a lovely, lovely song. :)

Last night we stopped by coldstone to use our 2 years worth of Valentine's gift cards (Thanks, G&G!) I ran inside to scout out the flavors. Now, some of you know, I REALLY struggle when it comes to making decisions where other people would be affected. About dumb things. Like ice cream flavors.

So I come back out to the car and present several options.
Patrick: "i don't care, honey. Just go in and choose something'
Me: 'oh, but what do you want? Do you not like such and such? would you prefer such and such? What about ice cream cupcakes instead?"
P: Babe- I really dont care. just go choose something for us
Me: (more of the same)
P:Honey! Really! Just go get something!
Me: (more of the same)

A truly exasperated little voice from the back seat:


bahahahahaha! When the 2 year old is annoyed, you know you're annoying. :)

(we got the cupcakes.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Warning: Bathroom Talk Below

I think it's a hadfield thing.

Call us practical. Call us productive. Call us Resourceful. Call us Multi-taskers.
Call us educational.

We like to read. In the bathroom.

I knew it wasn't just from me when, after my parents stayed with us for a few days, we found several Church History books in the bathroom. ....Dad? :)

I can't stand not reading while doing my thing. In fact, my freshman year at BYU, I made magazine holders and taped them to each stall door, with a great quote about reading from one of the leaders of the church. Then I put one of my church magazines in each holder. It was great. Everyone loved it and thought it was brilliant. (It was. :) )

Lately, I like to look at various home decor magazines and dream about the house i will someday live in. (meaning...a house. any house. just a house. with kitchen floors that can actually get clean.)

Like Father, like daughter. Like Mother, like son.

My Personal Roomba

So, here at our house with 2 little boys, things get messy.

But, they are sweet, and they do all they can to help mommy out. Christian is great at putting his toys away.

And Channing is my personal Roomba.

Why spend $200 when I can get a much more efficient (not to mention cuter) robot vaccuum?

Scouring Out Christian's many dropped Cheerios.

Thanks, buddy!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Channing has thrilled us today with his ability to do 'patty cake'. He claps, tries to roll his hands, and TOSSes it in the oven. SO CUTE.

Christian and Patrick were working on 'Peas Porridge Hot'.

P: Some like it...
C: Hot!
P: Some like it...
C: Cold!
P: Some like it...
C: Warm!



p.s. our boys have been crazy sick as of late. let's just say we have done 5 loads of laundry due to poop/puke explosions this week. and we have another one waiting to be done. Man, we need a washer/dryer. The new Summerhays' rule: No kids are allowed to obtain an illness which would cause them to excrete bodily fluids upon clothing/sheets/blankets until we own a washer/dryer.

now, how to enforce it....

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Four Years ago, as of yesterday, the handsomest man ever took me out on our first date.

We went to the Freshman dance/party for Heleman Halls at the Cannon Center. It was a Shrek Theme.

Actually, I'll let the myself of 4 years ago tell you about it. It's brief, but it evokes the memory perfectly for me. I may regret posting part of my journal here on the WWW, but it's not toooo embarrassing...

March 19, 2005:
Last night, however, amazing. Went with partrick summerhays to the helaman halls invitational. AWESOME. I had so much fun w/ him; crazy dancing and not even caring, gingerbread cookie decorating, food, night stroll to nate’s, star wars-→ hand holding. ☺ walk home, hand holding, under tree, hand holding, door step- cheek kiss.
Wow. Intense for one night, but oh so good. ☺

Yes, yes. It was the best date thus far of my life. I was totally hooked.

To celebrate (after a day full of throw-up, explosive diapers, 4 baths, and 3 loads of 'emergency' washings-aka poop/throw-up covered) we ate our white chocolate molten lava cake from chilis- (Which nate and cannon treated us to dinner at- but Christian puked all over me and him just before dessert came, so we went home w/ our dessert) and watched Star Wars IV. The show we watched on our first date. The first time i had even seen star wars. Alas, we both were falling asleep about 1/3 into, so we had to shut it off. But we held hands again. And it was perfect. And I am LOVING my man. For he is the best. Ever.

Patrick's cookie

Tawna's cookie

4 years ago. with big hair. ;)

Thanks babes. You are one Hot Date!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Oh man! What a glorious day!

1st) We have a new Nephew/cousin! Noah Layne Hadfield was born this afternoon to Nate and Molly. We are so excited to meet you, Noah!! YAYYYY!!!

2) It is St. PATRICK'S day. And as I will readily tell you, Patrick has definitely been a saint in my life, this day evokes very tender feelings for him.

3) FOUR YEARS AGO on this very day, with the luck o' the irish behind him, patrick asked me out on our very first date. FOUR YEARS. man. That's ancient. He first wooed me with very humorous attemptS (yes, with a captial S) at telling a fantastic Irish joke. I was smitten with the words "what's green..."

And because my head is killing me, I shall now simply post a few misc. pictures for your viewing pleasure.

the card i made and sent my mom who has has been having a hard time.

Oh man. sets my heart a twitterin'.

Checkin up on brother. 'How you doin' Chan Man? Huh? How you doin? You doing good?'

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's 5:07 am. Do you know where your kid is?

Why yes.

He's sitting at the kitchen table eating the Big Box Cheerios from the Hall.

Because he's been awake for 10 minutes asking (very cheerfully and awake-ly) to eat. Because he's Hungry. And wants some breakfast. And a Drink. In a Cup. And some cheerios. Big Box Cheerios. From the hall. (we have a costco-box of cheerios we keep in our hall cupboard).

And the little brother is awake, too. and smiley as can be. He, however, just gets another bottle and stuck back in his crib. Because mommy has a migraine. And daddy's getting ready to go teach. and somehow managed to wake everybody else up in the process.

So finally big brother gets put back in mommy's bed. And little brother joins us. And we sleep. but little brother wakes up, and is crawling all over the place. And despite the drugs taken earlier, mommy still has a migraine. So little brother gets another bottle, put back in his crib, along with lots of toys.

And mommy oversleeps. And misses her class.

But the migraine is mostly gone.

And the brothers are ridiculously sweet.

and it's 9:33 am. And I know where my kids are.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We needed a computer chair. So my brother, Varden, got us one at the BYU surplus sale for a whoppin' $3. (Thanks vard!)

Its a sturdy, comfy chair. and not even that ugly. It was just blah.

Exhibit A:

And I needed more visual excitement in my life.

So, rather than going with purple hair, I went with FABRIC. yessssss... Sweet, awesome, (and thoroughly impractical) fabric with which I re-upholstered the chair.

With only a glue gun.

Blah Chair-->Awesome Chair
Exhibit B:

Yes. I am awesome.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's not even 1pm and I feel like I've aged 13 years today.

This morning was 'just one of those days' to the MAX.

-Last night was a hectic night- so the dishes didn't get washed after a dinner of delicious homemade lentil soup. (I insert that to show that Im not allll delinquent..)
-My eye started being weird last night so today Im wearing my glasses.
-From last night-this morning I've gotten super sick, bad headache, sore throat. So, the house didn't get cleaned this morning like it usually (yes, truthfully, usually) does.
-Patrick was running late so the ironing board/iron were still out in the living room (unplugged, of course).
-Christian also has a runny nose.

Okay so: The house is a true mess. The iron/ironing board are out in plain view. Im wearing my glasses (which, because of the thickness of my lenses actually makes it hard to focus on different things quickly), Im super sick, Christian has a runny nose. Oh, and Christian was being a nakie boy (he was wearing a diaper). (When i feel like crud, I don't fight such petty things as clothes).

Have the scene pictured?

So. Christian was playing in the living room and I went into the nursery to change Channing's diaper. Come out- no Christian. Notice the front door is open. Look in all the rooms. No Christian. Run outside yelling his name- no Christian. Start yelling prayers. (reverently as possible). Run back inside to double check the rooms.On my way inside, I ram my forehead against the metal edge of the glass door and give myself a nice, slightly bloody goose-egg. No Christian. Run outside- panicking now- Yelling, yelling his name. Im dizzy from my head-ram,my migraine, and my overall sickness. I can't see very well. Total panic. Call 911. start crying. neighbor comes out and starts looking. Police parked across the street comes over. Im shaking like a leaf. Police takes 'stats'. Comes inside to double check apartment. I grab channing. Bawling now. Another police lady arrives. Total panic. Couldn't have gone far- but no where to be seen.

Then neighbor comes walking across lawn carrying Christian. I nearly collapse. He was inside the apt. laundry room. Never gone in there before. The police-lady notices my goose-egg. Asks about it. Tell her Im fine- I just rammed my head in the rush. Thank neighbor. Start crying hysterically. Go inside. lay on bed with my boys. Crying, crying. Christian's worried. Asks 'you okay, mommy? You okay?'. When I can breathe again, say a prayer of thanks to Heavenly Father for my boys. Start bawling again. Channing's laughing. Christian worried.

When I've put the boys down for a nap, I look at the 'appearances' of the situation. Disasterous house. Dirty dishes everywhere. Iron out in plain view. Christian just wearing a diaper. Face covered in food and snot. Bloody goose-egg on my head. Realize I look like a completely dilinquent mother. Who doesn't dress her children. And the children live in a pig-sty. With dangerous appliances in reach. With old food out. Who never get bathed. Whose mother has a bloody goose-egg (who knows how that reallly got there..).

Seriously. It was that. bad.

Anybody else have a day like this?

It's like murphy's law: The one day of 45 that you don't shower/dress/clean the house is the one day of 62 that your mother-in-law drops by.

The one day of 2817916592659129862918619 that your 2 year old runs out of the house and totally dissapears and you have the police come in to search your house is the one day of 573 that you are deathly ill, the house is in its WORST STATE EVER, the 2-yr-old in in a diaper, and you have beating on your face.

What are the odds?

PRETTY GOOD, in my case.

Point is: I am incredibly grateful for my boys. Even when they draw on every surface of my apt. imaginable with every artistic tool imaginable, they are my little angels. I am so grateful to have them in my life. To be a part of their lives. To be able to kiss their ouchies, snuggle up with stories, make play-dough eggs with, play wrestle-mania on mommy's bed, feel a first tooth. Im so grateful I get to be their mommy.

i love you, my boys!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


You know how it is when you get so far behind on something that the mere thought of catching up is overwhelming? So then you just get further and further behind and it's just this huge downward spiral? Yeah. That can relate to me in so many ways.

Blogging, for example.


1)CHANMAN HAS A TOOTH!!!!! Sunday night it FINALLY came through. wahoooooo!!!!

2) Channing also swallowed his first(hopefully only) penny. He ended up gagging up (realtively) shortly afterward. whew.

3)Christian officially* knows all letters by sight. He knows their name and each one's sound.

4) Christian officially* knows the basic colors:red,green,yellow,blue,orange,white,black,brown,pink,purple

5)Christian is starting to potty-train. He asks regularly to go on the potty, though doesnt always actually go. I really think that if I had more time during the day to dedicate to the cause, he would be almost there. After School's done, we will conquer this thing and he will get his eagerly awaited LIGHTENING MCQUEEN underwears!!

6)Chanman is a pro-army crawler/scooter. Hence the penny incident.

7)Christian can recite the entire Humpty-Dumpty poem (complete with falling sound effects), and his BaaBaa Black Sheep goes like this:
Baa Baa Black sheep
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, Yes sir, three bags full
One for my Daddy
One for the master
Yes sir, Yes sir, three bags full.

8) Christian successfully taught chanman how to clap.

9)Patrick got his hot new glasses!

10) HOW IS THE END OF THE SEMESTER SO SOON?!?!?!?!?! IS IT EARTHLY POSSIBLE TO GET ALL MY CLASSES DONE IN 4 WEEKS???? (I submit that it is not. So we are Heavily relying on Heavenly help...)

Pictures to come soon*.

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