Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Christian's Birthday!

Christian's birthday was a huge cause for celebration this year. He has been talking about his Buzz Party since the summer. And thinking forward to his Buzz Party was a big help of getting us through the hospital. And for him to take his medicine. And be brave for his blood work. And everything else.

He has also talked big about last years "Lightening McQueen Birthday When I was Three"- the only Lightening thing of it was his cake- but for the little man, the Cake made the Birthday.

Turning four needed a BUZZ PARTY!

birthday invitations- Christian carried his around for DAYS- and still insists it remains on his bulletin board

I felt mildly pressured to create a fabulous Buzz cake- since I knew that was the most exciting thing for him- My first attempt at fondant- and he Loved it! *happy sigh*

When the guest arrived, first thing was to create individual Space Ranger Utility Belts with their initials.

Throughout the party, there were various tasks to complete so the little Space Rangers could collect special buttons for the belts.

Bowling- knocking down the Zurg Pins

Coloring pictures of Buzz, which we taped around the house to help defeat Zurg
We also played a fun balloon toss game that was somehow incorporated into the Buzz/Zurg theme. :)

In between each activity/task all the boys got in a line and performed the necessary "attention! Show me your muscles! Stand up straight!" routine. Then we marched into the "space station" (laundry room) which was fabulously decked out. Of course there are no pictures. flurb. But the doorway was covered in various colored crepe-paper strands, the washer/dryer and window covered in black fabric and funky psychedelic fabric. The dual multi-colored disco-light balls we spinning and rotating around- trust me. It was awesome. :)

Once everyone was in the Space Station, we shut the door and then worked on charging our new power button. Such a feat was achieved by spinning in circles, counting to 10, blasting off, and pressing the new button to charge it. The kids loved it. :)

While it took tons of energy and was a bit chaotic at times (with out-of-town family visiting plus our basement helpers, the house was packed) it was a total blast. Christian loved it- and seeing his excitement and smiles made everything worth it. Yes, some may say/think we(I) go over-the-top for these little kid birthdays- but honestly- I love it. It doesn't stress me out at all- and it's just a fun outlet for me. And it's fun when the boys talk for months before and after about their party.
Sigh. I love this time of life!

one excited little boy to open some birthday loot! Thanks everybody!

christian was excited about getting fun square plates and RED utensils. Mama made the Space ranger cups (just for the kids- adults got boring ones. :P)

Uncle Nate and Anna (dressed as a little green alien. She played the part well by expertly saying "ooooooo")

Grandma and Papa S drove down for the festivities- Papa demonstrating his mad skillz on the little woody guitar they gave Christian.

Blowing out his 4 candles. Finally!! :D

Happy Birthday, bubbies!! Love you so much and we are so thankful to be your parents! You are the best big brother and the sweetest son.
Happy 4th!

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