Monday, June 18, 2007


Our little buddy is growing so fast! Within the last week he has improved his skills and can pretty much sit on his own. Today he sat up for a good 5 minutes or so until I finally went and laid him down. Patrick and I both think he is definitely starting to put on the pounds- he is really growing! His 6 month appt. will be here in just a few days and we're excited to see his new 'stats'. (neither us nor our neighbors own a scale. :) )

He is so much fun. He really giggles a lot now- I for one am pretty excited to have someone find me funny again. My little nephew is starting to catch on that I'm actually not extremely hilarious and it's been a little traumatic for me.
He's quite ticklish, but only if he's able to focus on the tickling. He also knows the sound of his bottle quite well. I can be shaking it up in the other room and he immediately turns and searches for the location of his food. Before the bottle actually reaches his mouth his whole body starts trembling in anticipation. Its pretty darn cute. He gets his love of food from both parents, that's for sure!

Patrick and I are in love with parenthood. How can we not be? Our son is perfect! :)

Little Update

Man. It's crazy how time is flying! Summer is about 1/2 over- something I'm not terribly excited about especially since my dearly beloved husband abandoned me for the entire first month. (okay, so he was just sharing his amazing musical talents with the Wind Symphony and left me in the awesome care of his amazing parents, but STILL.)

This summer has seen: Patrick's tour with the Wind Symphony to the East Coast, an "Extreme Emergency" root canal for yours truly, Christian's first swimming experience- he LOVED it, Christian's first 'run through the sprinklers' experience- he tolerated it to appease his parent, a painted desk and other such home improvement projects, and many more wonderfully exciting things. :) We are having a most excellent summer and are loving being together as our own little family.

We'll be spending the weekend up at our grandparent's cabin for a little get away and to celebrate the end of Spring semester for Tawna. Then next week we go to Yellowstone for the 2nd bi-annual Eugene and Debra Family reunion! Wooot! This reunion will have 7 more family members than last time. Wow- how our family is growing!

Friday, June 15, 2007

We are online!

With no advertising or marketing hype whatsoever, we present this window into the life of Patrick, Tawna, and Christian Summerhays. Enjoy the mayhem!

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