Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Belly, Big Belly, Big Belly!

okay- finally, now the the pregnancy is almost over...

Here are the long awaited (for some) Belly Shots.

Here's to 30 Weeks!

(BTW: my tush and legs are DEFINITELY NOT as tiny as they look- in some of the other pictures they look like twigs- these are the more accurate representations of them, but still completely deceptive. Oh well. I don't mind TOO much... :P)

He He He

Friday, March 28, 2008


Christian's hair has gotten out of control. Big time. So much so it was starting to inhibit his extreme cuteness. Im telling you- It was intense. We measured strands that were over 4 inches long. crazy. Wednesday night, (it just so happened to be his 15 month Birthday!!) we decided it was FINALLY TIME. (plus, Tawna had FINALLY gotten permission to get a haircutting kit!)

So, at about 9:15pm, we stripped him of his pjs, and began our master skills at distraction. :)

Though it could use some touching up, we think it turned out mighty fine. :)



Wednesday, March 26, 2008


After hearing how much our nephew Cannon enjoyed his Easter egg hunt, we were inspired to try it out for Christian.


Tawna scattered Christian's eggs over the lawn and hid Patrick's eggs. We showed Christian how to put the first egg into his basket and the genius caught right on. As he spotted eggs he ran up to them and put them right in his basket. We were pretty surprised he never tried to keep them in his hands or take them out. Brilliant! :)

I love that toungue!

Who's more excited about the easter loot? :) (just teasing, babe.)

Goes straight for the ball. (97 cent joy courtesy of Wal-Mart. yessss.)

What a champ!

Daddy showed him the magic of easter eggs- inside there''s delicious goodness! Christian caught on fast and within seconds was opening all his eggs and stuffing his face. (Being the prudish parents we are, his eggs were filled with bits of his lunch-- Granola bar pieces, grapes, and animal crackers.- he doesn't need to know what he's missing! :) )


So, I've never had major cravings during either pregnancy. Usually it would be like this: "man! I really want some (fill in the blank)" but we of course never had (fill in the blank), so i'd just go about my lovely way and forget about it.

Well, a few weeks ago, I experienced true addiction. Sweets. Particularly Chocolate. It was bad. I would try eating something else, focusing on an activity, anything and everything. Nothing worked. This is why I downed 3 full bags of chocolate chips. In a pathetically short amount of time. doh.

Anyways- I was at BYU and I had a dollar. I dont know why I had a dollar, but I did. I spent about 15 minutes trying to decide what delicious thing I would buy with my dollar. Well, really the debate was whether or not I could manage to spend a whole dollar on something delicious for just myself and not spend the rest of the week in guilt.

While I was thus contemplating, some friends from the ward stole christian and had to yell at me to alert me to their presence. (I was deep in thought annnd they were yelling at my deaf ear.) Anyways, I informed them of my need for sweets, and they lovingly sympathized.

A few days later, at about 11 pm, we hear a very tentative knock. It was Laura with a big bag full of amazing chocolaty goodness! WHAT A WOMAN!!!!!!

Thanks, laura. You saved me. :D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Christian Goes Sledding!

March 8th we took Christian sledding for his first time EVER up by patrick's family's cabin in Tibble Fork.

Despite the contrary evidence of the pictures, he had a great time. We've decided he's definitely an adrenaline junkie- after the bigger, faster runs he would turn around with big eyes, a big smile, and clap. Haha- what a greato.

I was feeling like a definite marshmellow with my layers of pants, big belly, and fluffy coat. I did, however, manage to go on a stellar (and a bit too fast) run. Yay for sledding!
(but really, YAY FOR INABILITY TO SLED DUE TO WARMER WEATHER!!!!!- can you tell Im desperate for summer??)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

St. George Reception

The first weekend of this month Patrick, Christian, and I went down to st. George for Marianne and Austin's open house. Uncle Lane has a super nice condo/house down there and so we decided to go up friday afternoon for a overnight getaway. Patrick's family joined us Sat. afternoon.
It was SUCH a fun weekend! I loved the mini road trip. Upon arrival, we stopped by good ol WallyWorld for some groceries. We had some lasagna and spring oreos. YUM. We stayed up to watch a movie and just had a great evening.
Saturday morning we got up and hooked the kid trailer onto a bike and went for a bike ride. The weather was nice and warm and a MUCH needed change from Provo. bleh.
Then we went swimming at the club house. Despite the picture, Christian was LOVING it! That kid loves 'swimming' (we just took pictures a little late...)

Sunday after church we stopped by Brigham Young's "winter house" for a little tour. It was pretty awesome. My dad is all about stopping by historical sites and I've grown to like it a lot, too. At the house, we heard the story of Saint Potato George and how brigham Young named St. George after him. And, why you should eat the potato peels. :)

It was such a wonderful weekend!!!

I love how he's just resting his head on Mama's lap. SWEETIE.

Anybody notice a very 'somber' trend here?

I promise this kid really is happy. And smiles a lot. And even laughs. And actually is goofy. I Promise. :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


There are no pictures to accompany this post, as we are not at home on our own compy, but I would encourage you to just scroll through and admire pictures of the past.

My son is perfect. Im serious. There is no other way whatsoever to describe him. Well, except for insanely good-looking, super sweet, heart melter, angelic, etc. Which all together equals perfect. Since day one this kid has been incredible. Patrick and I both knew we'd love being parents, but we were seriously blessed with this kid! Im sure we'll get our fair share of difficult children (I had demon-children written, but then decided it was way too terrible to say) whom we will love tremendously anyways, but this kid, our first-born, is the most perfect kid I can imagine.

Thanks, Christian, for being the greatest! Thanks for the hugs, the cuddles, the smiles, the giggles, the outstretched arms, the crazy dances, the way you hold your arms out behind you when you run, the way you spin in circles for fun, the way you love it when I start clapping a fun rhythm and come form any room in the house to hear it, the way you dance to music, the way you love to look at books, how soft you are when you touch my face and hair, the way you love to bounce on our bed, the way you lay down immediately wherever you are when Im making you a bottle, The way you turn into a crazy-head at nights and are the biggest goof ever, the way you love you daddy so much, the way you love balls and doggies, the way...the way you are! I love you, dear son! You are my angel!

What a great big brother you'll be!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tragic Happenings

Okay- I knew this day would come. The day my perfect angel totally breaks and wrenches my heart.

Being the cheap and less-than-well-to-do-financially college students that we are, and seeing as how we no longer have easy access to free laundry, we decided to try to save a buck by drying our clothes, rather than spend the whopping $0.75 to dry them, on our wooden drying rack.

Christian found the drying rack covered with his clothes to be quite fascinating. This is where the trouble began.

I was in our bedroom folding laundry when I heard a piercing scream- ran out, found Christian playing with the bottom dow rod and snapped it- it broke, whipped out, and sliced open his face. I didn't know the face slicing part immediately. His eyes wre shut tight and i was afraid he had gotten something in them. Then about 3 seconds later this huge blooding scrape appears all across his forehead. The thing you can't see is that it extended clear back to the crown of his head.

I almost panicked. Luckily, Heavenly Father was watching out for the perfect angel, and the rod missed his eye by about 2 mm. AGHH. It was super scary.

This is after his nap. He is so quick to forgive his nitwit mama. Though I think his totally loving smile makes the whole thing even more painful.

Worst is that it's right across his face so every time I look at him there's no hiding the guilt. On the way to school that day, people would smile at him in the stroller but with a "oh you POOR CHILD! What in the heck have they let happen to you?!?" kind of a smile. Some would just turn away. AGH. The guilt.

Daddy's All-American boy.

Wyball Cont.

Here's a personal picture of us in the car after Wyball. Patrick was so good to indulge my girly needs of getting all dressed up to go to a dance. :) He is the greatest gentleman of all time- and He's ALL MINE! muah ha ha haaa.


My favorite part of the picture is Christian's somber face peeking out between ours. It's like an I Spy book or something. :)

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