Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OVerheard at our House

Channing Chats

Yesterday, while helping Chan after his nap I told him I loved him.

Chan: " I love YOU a TONS, mommy. And I love daddy a TONS, too. And I love our whole family a tons. And I love Jesus and Heavenly Father a tons, too."

We live pretty much out 'in the country'. Our breakfast table looks out our bay window at a horse field. A week or so ago when it snowed Channing noticed that the horses were wearing 'coats'. Today he observed the 'coats' were gone.

"Mom, the black horse and the brown horse took off their coats and hanged them on their hangers"
(we've been working on hanging our clothes up around here :) )
Me- "oh really?"
Chan- "Yeah. They kicked off their coats on the ground with their legs and then they picked up their coats with their teeth and hanged them on the hangers."

Wow. What fabulously responsible horses we live by! :D

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