Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Happy happy birthday, Sister Dear! Wooot wooot!

Here's my ode to Tams:

We must be twins
The People say.
We hear it nearly every day.

I don't mind
For your are Hot
Plus you a total Un-Snot.

Today We sing
the Birth of YOU
And how you came to this earth-zoo.

We're glad you did
For you are GREAT
Its you TAM that we CELEBRATE!

Happy Birthday! We love you!

p.s. apologies to those family members whose birthdays have passed w/o an Ode. This inspiration just struck.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Happy Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Yesterday we celebrated two celestial years of marriage. (okay, so it hasn't ALL been complete perfection, but we've both agreed that its been our best 2 years yet. Yes, even better than the mission. WOOT! :) )

Patrick greeted me in the car with two of the most perfect and beautiful roses I have ever seen. Seriously. They were incredible. It was super sweet of him. :)

We went over to mom & dad summerhays' to celebrate mom's birthday and then we returned home to watch our two wedding videos. :)

Life is better than I could have imagined. Patrick- You are awesome! Thanks for being the best EVER. You're my #1, A+ Champion Husband of the Universe. I love you! Thanks for THE BEST TWO YEARS. :)

Monday, October 22, 2007


Friday night we celebrated our nephew Cannon's big One Year. Molly did SUCH a cute job with everything, it puts the rest of us to shame. :P Seriously- this woman is amazing. (Her husband is pretty Stellar, too. ;) )

Didn't get a picture when everything was set up, but here's a general idea.

okay. So I'm not very good (terrible, really) at updating regularly. Instead, I realize how far behind I am and do about 5 posts in one day. doh. Oh well. Here we go again. :)

Okay! Friday Christian mastered the art of High-Fives. Let me tell you- this is a big deal. Patrick has been working with him on this for quite some time now, and the fact that it has been mastered is big deal, esp. on his dad's sport-fanatical side of the family. :)

mama still prefers his Kisses.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Last week we had the unique privilege of spending the entire week in our own personal 4 bedroom, 2 story, personal resort complete with indoor slide and free delicious foods here in Provo. (okay, so it also came with two very active and not-quite-house-trained yorkies... but still!) We dog/house sat for Nate and Molly while they traveled to Boston (In the fall--they have a secret desire to live out the entire Pirates Who Don't do Anything song. Secretly, I do too.)

It was pretty fun and Christian LOVES the little doggies. He especially enjoyed watching them when they got feisty with each other and started wrestling. Frankly, it scares me a bit, but Christian just finds it hilarious. He loved those dogs so much that anytime he heard their collars tinkling before his nap, he'd immediately wake up and start looking everywhere for his hairy friends. He's definitely getting a dog. Someday, little guy, someday.

Check out that grin!

Fabulous Hair

Christian is getting some super long locks! If he were a girl, I would definitely be doing ponytails....alas, mohawks it is! :)

These are from about a month ago- so its a little longer now.

Check out his eyes! EVERYONE comments on their awesomeness.

Here's his sweet mohawk Eliza and I created Sunday after conference.

Pretty sweet, eh?

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