Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things I love about Little Kids

......they don't know 'weird' and 'normal', so they don't think anything you do is weird, just funny and awesome.

I can kiss their faces off, wrestle like crazy, bust out in dance or song (or both), change my voice, and just go nuts- and they think I am awesome.

thank you, boys. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chan Turns Two, Too!

This weekend Channing turned two. Because of his older brother, Channing usually asks for things followed by 'too!' . ex: Christian asks for Milk. Channing says : Milk, Too! However, since Channing is so used to requesting things after his brother, he usually adds 'too!' to any request he makes solo.

Super cute.

Chan has snuck into a very, very special place in P and I's hearts. He is so sweet, so helpful.

-He is awesome at helping. In fact, for a really long time now, he gets upset if you don't let him help clean. (I'm okay with that... )
-He still sucks his two fingers. Since day 1. :)
-He loves his blankie.
-He "wants to hold you" when he feels sad, tired, or snuggly.
-He loves to sing the ABCs and does suprisingly well. Granted, he does leave out big chunks, but considering he just turned two, we're impressed.
-Only in the last 2 months or so has he been able to say 'Christian'. This was a favorite of ours- to hear him calling after his brother "Channing! Come here!" or "No, Channing! Stop!"
-He is a really good speaker and has a very large vocabulary.
-He can carry on a legitimate 5+ min. phone conversation. Love it.
-He loves to pray.
-He loves pushing things around. His lawnmower outside, laundry baskets inside- he loves it.
-His loves right now: Cars, Lightning McQueen, Buzz and Woody, He-man, playing outside, balls, books, bubble baths, coloring, being a lion and dancing.
-He can't jump. And its hilarious to watch him try. :)
-His dancing is like a lopsided-frankenstein-going-in-circles. It, too, is awesome.
-he loves going 'peep' on the toilet. and is pretty good at telling us when he needs to go. (for a just-barely-turned-2-boy)

Oh chan. ChanMan. Channing. We love you so much!

(pictures: cookie monster invite, cookie jar to hold the cookie bean bags for the cookie monster bean bag toss, party favors of playdoh, cake, chan and his new big truck and uh..others :) )

p.s. Thanks family for celebrating with us! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Overheard at Our House

Christian loves his He-man sword. He is back to carrying it around everywhere, all day long, in the back of his shirt.

He also knows we don't use swords on people.

A week or so ago it was super windy. We were outside and he told me he was just going to use his sword to fight the wind.

Today he wanted to go outside:

"Mom, can I have a fight with the Wind for a little bit? Just a second, please mom? Please can I have a fight with the wind? "

Awesome. And what good manners! :)

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