Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have aquired much wisdom this morning. Before 9:20 am, even.

Here is what I have learned (and re-learned):

That no matter how much you want to think the best of your children, no matter how much you want to believe that they are finally playing peacefully with each other and behaving themselves, no matter how much you want to believe that the 2 yr old is not picking on the 11 month old and is just playing nicely.....

No matter how much you want to believe these things....

they are simply not true.

This morning I desperately needed a shower. Both boys got up earlier than I anticipated and thus before i had a chance to bathe. Since we are going to be around other people tonight, a shower was a MUST.

So, i confined the boys to the little hallway and their room. For like 10 min. I jumped in the shower and almost immediately heard channing cry out in pain. This is normal, poor kid. At least I knew (basically) that they were both alive.

About 3/4 into my shower, I realize its quiet. Wanting to think the best of my kids, I think: hey! Wow! They're finally playing nicely together! yay! what wonderful and completely stellar children I have raised. I must be a GREAT mom! My children are perfect!

4 minutes later...

I step out of the shower, wrap my towel around me, and go to peek in on my perfect angels.


I was partially right- they were playing nicely and quietly together....

but with THIS:

Yes. That is a giant, costco sized tub of cocoa powder COMPLETELY emptied on the floor. Please note the chocolate foot prints going in and out of the mess.

After I took this photo, Christian announced: "Oh, that's so cuuuute!"

No son, that adorable smile, the ridiculous way you have no idea you're in trouble, the chocolate covered lips... It is not. cute.

After my attempt to scrape it all up. (I managed to get almost 4/5ths of the powder back into the container. So next time you eat something chocolatey made by me: ask me no questions and Ill tell you no lies...(hey! that stuffs expensive!)

The vacuum. Wow.

Please remember I am still just in my towel. So. I strip christian down, shoo everyone out, shut the door, and call it a morning.

Wouldn't you?

EDIT: At least it smells really good. and cocoa has lots of antioxidants. So my kids will be extra healthy for the next...35384 days it takes to get all of the cocoa cleaned up. What perks!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Graduation Luncheon

Friday afternoon we had a luncheon.

It was so nice to gather with our family and eat good food and just enjoy the moment of peace and accomplishment.

Thanks everybody for your food contributions- it was delicious!! Thanks tams for the emotional support. :P

Our family was also extremely generous in gifts. Thank you thank you thank you!!! It seems the theme of the day was 'crafting for tawna'. I like that theme. A lot. :)

Our celebratory cake

Awesome AlumY t-shirts from Mom and Dad S.

During all this there was a mystery gift set against a wall. Patrick asked if it was for us, and I didn't know. He told me to go see if it was for us, but I felt tacky doing so. Finally, after much prodding, I casually walked by the gift. Sure enough, there was a plain index card with "Tawna" printed on it. Pretty sure there were no other Tawna's appearing in the pavillion that day. (It's a good thing my name isn't sara or something- if it says tawna, it pretty much must be for me...)

Noticing there was no card, I asked several people if it was from them. No one had a clue. So, since it CLEARLY must be for me. I started opening it.

Here's how it went:

It's my ultimate crafting/paper cutter machine!!!!

My sweetest husband got this for me a few months ago, right after a few of my dear friends got one on a killer sale. He had it sent to our sis/b.i.l's house and had them store it all this time. I had NO. IDEA.

It was amazing.

Thank you, sweetest. :)

Thank you everyone for your gifts and kindness. You are all amazing!! And yes, I will be making fabulous things to make you all proud. :)


Picture explosion to follow...

We did it!!! the Summerhays Class of 2009 celebrated graduation April 24-25th, 2009.

I want to write and better reflect my thoughts and feelings on this, but I want to get these pictures posted. So, relections will come later.

Without further ado...


Thank you so much to all of you who supported us on our special days in person and in spirit. :)

Thanks for our amazing family who got us (and are still getting us) through this intense journey.

We love you!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Senior Night

P & I were excited to attend Senior Night at BYU. Since volunteering to pass out bags of chips a few years ago we were anxious to attend as real, official guests.

It was pretty darn cool and just one more testament to how awesome and unique BYU is. The door we walked in had a sign-up sheet to play the newlywed game, so we signed up. Then we headed over for our free pizza and hamburgers, chips, pop, & BYU creamery ice-cream. After chowing down, we went to the terrace to check out the booths and games there. Then lines were pretty long and after we went through one, we realized it was time for our newlywed game. (Newlywed was defined as 10 years or accommodate more students.. :)) We ended up missing all but one question in the first round, but won since we got the BIG question of the 2nd. (What is your husband's comfort food? ....CHEETOS.) We almost felt bad since another couple got every single question right except a little one and the BIG one. But not too bad. After all, we have 2 kids. We needed the prize (they agreed :P): A cinemark giftcard and a giftcard to Chillis/Macaroni Grill. WOOOOOOOOOT. awe.some.

At the end of the night they did a big drawing for tons of prizes like..blenders, camping gear, picture frames, coolers w/ picnic gear, crockpots, dishes, movies, etc. I was hoping for a blender (we STILL don't have one)...but, we won an ipod speaker dock! yessss! It was awesome. I think i may be lucky. Like really. Patrick and I discussed this on our way home. During a music conference in Norway, I was featured in a front page, giant colored photo in the city paper. And I was interviewed at Notre Dame Cathedral for tv about Catholic Youth Days. And sometimes I just start to get this feeling that Im going to win. Like at evan's jazz night. I knew I was going to win. and I did. and the senior night. I was pretty sure I was going to win. and I did. And Patrick. I was pretty sure I was going to win him. and I did. See? LUCKY, i tell ya.

Oh, and why was the whole thing a testament to BYU's uniqueness/awesomeness? Where else would a whole school celebrate have a senior party with no alcohol, no skankiness, lots of kids, newlywed games, and give out G and PG movies, blenders, crockpots, gamping gear, picnic sets, frames that say FAMILY, etc.? exactly. It was awesome. and everybody had a blast. sober. Perfect. I love BYU.

Anyways. It was a super fun night and a great way to celebrate seniordom. Thanks SO MUCH Theodore's for watching our kiddos!! It was a great break for us.

Cecil is our homeboy! (yes, he approved the Cecil is my homeboy t-shirts, asked for one, wore it around, and thumbs-upped some guy who yelled such statement..)

the pizza boxes in the dumpster. It takes a lot of pizza to feed starving seniors and their families...

We're so excited! We won! Wooot!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

true...good point.

we have some great pics to post of our rocking weekend, but until they get uploaded...

Last night at my in-laws, my, Jon, was chasing Christian. He threatened to eat his nose:

J:Im going to eat your nose!
C:No! Dont Eat it! It's MY nose!
J:But Im going to eat it!

C: No! Don't eat my nose! It's got boogers in it!

J:......good point....

bahahaha. Lovely.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


tomorrow we will be taking a long trek to interview for a job in a town with a total population nearly half the population of my 11/12 high school.


and for cuteness sakes....

guy smiley

christian lined some of his cars up so they could watch their fellow counterparts star in 'cars'.

christian eating previously mentioned ice cream cupcake

Monday, April 6, 2009

We must be doing SOMETHING right...

(pictures will be coming soon- promise!)

Yesterday we had the opportunity to watch General Conference at my brother's house. (for more info on conference and for what mormons believe, visit all the talks are available to listen to and will be available to read shortly)

I was trying to get Christian to stay downstairs with us and we were having a small disagreement over the placement of a little basketball hoop. In frustration, Christian waved his hand at me and said, "You need to go watch the prophet over there together!"

hahaha. Smart kid.

This morning, we were playing on mommy's bed. I dont remember how it came about, but I mentioned that Jesus loves Christian.
C: And the prophet!
T: Yes! The prophet loves Christian.
C: President Monson loves me! (wraps his arms around himself) And president Eyring loves Christian! and President Uchtdorff loves Christian! And the Prophet!

Christian also proceeded to say that president Eyring was an apostle. And president Thomas S. Monson was the prophet.

It was a pretty deep conversation for a 2 year old.

Today's movie request: 'The temple movie! ooorrrr Joseph Smith Show!'

We must be doing SOMETHING right. :)

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