Friday, November 14, 2008

Patrick's Post: Bachin' It

I managed to dig myself out from underneath my textbooks to give all you faithful blog readers an update. Just to give you an idea of my current load try these subjects on for size: Multiculturalism and its social justice agenda (I'm not racist in any shape or form, that is just the topic of the week), Italian, French, and German Romantic Opera, tightening up your Jazz ensemble, rhythm worksheets and games for beginning band, changes in cognition during adolescence, and soccer skills development (the easy part). Don't forgot the 10 hours a week (including game time) I spend in marching band.

I am taking this blogging moment in time not to provide another injection of testosterone (is this blog on steroids or what?) but to give a shout out to my posse down in the lone-star state. I have felt many pangs of loneliness without my gorgeous gal and my two munchkins. Here are a few of the scenes from this week which found me longing for my companion: walking into the bathroom to brush my teeth to find a single toothbrush in the cup by the sink instead of three, hanging up the phone with various family members who need to get on with their lives and turning to face an empty room, and opening up my apartment door late at night and flicking on the light switch to find everything in exactly the same place as when I left. For someone who is wired for showing and receiving affection and love through touch, this has been a very lonely week.

This sheds light on a few things that I want to make public. First, this woman (the one I am
planting a big smooch on) is my best. Best what, you ask? I'm glad you asked. She's the best cook. I can cook, but I specialize in one meal: breakfast. That is 14 times I have missed her this week. She's the best greeter after coming home from a long day of school. She's there to give me a big hug and a kiss almost every time I set foot in the house. That is 14 more times this week I have missed her. She's the best listener when I need to vent, brag, or tell jokes. I can't count the times that adds, and no, I can't just call her up to talk any old time like you would expect. She's the best household manager/schedule juggler. She manages to keep things running and give time and attention to our developing munchkins who need interaction and stimulation that cannot be provided by the BYU Cougar Marching Band Drums Show, the Letter Factory, Baby Signing Time, or Finding Nemo Show. She keeps the sink empty of dishes (I am really failing there so far) and she keeps the floors vacuumed and swept, the munchkin toys tidied, and she even picks me up from late band rehearsals frequently. OH! I can't forget that she makes my lunch every day. That is 7+ more times I have missed her this week. She does the grocery shopping, the laundry, and on and on. Wow. What a woman (and a slacker of a husband--what does he DO all day!?). She allows me to meet the demands of school and keep the narrow focus my studies require. She personally prioritizes daddy play time over helping out with the household chores on the weeknights.

I have to run, but expect a more final conclusion after the BYU Cougars whoop on the LBSU 49ers tonight in the Marriott Center. Ciao!

And now... the highly anticipated conclusion.

After a weekend of Cougar dominance, I return to the subject of my best girl. The main thing I want to add came to me about an hour ago. I spent most of the 11 o'clock hour looking at pictures of Tawna, and she looks dang good! In fact, right now she looks the best she has since I've known her. I hope she isn't embarrassed by my saying this, but she is looking mighty fine. I will also add that I find her very attractive in all times and seasons of life. Even when she is 9 months pregnant, she is still a major babe. To Tawna I say, "Here's lookin' at you, Babe."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Overheard at our House

my sisters do these posts, and I think they're great.

Several weeks ago:
Setting: All dressed up and ready for church
Christian comes up and puts his arm around my leg
C: Hey Babe.

:) Im okay with that. Yeah, Im okay with that.:)

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