Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Randomness to Update

Okay, as is apparent from my month-long absence, I am a little behind.
Here's just a few pictures from the last month or so.

We went on a FREEZING walk to go see the candy windows on Center Street. It was way fun, yet also way freezing. :)

yes, he is definitely our son: music, sports, and eating. simutaneously. impressive? definitely.

we often find this kid just quietly looking at his books in his room. for impressive stretches of time. My kid? definitely.

Christmas Morning at grandma and grandpa Summerhays.

Here's a pose in front of our Christmas Tree in his official Stocking. This is official b/c it is the one he will get to use as long as he wants. It is quite large, seeing as he was presented to us in it after he got all cleaned up after birth. It's an awesome stocking. One of these days Ill embroider his name on one side. Then it will be super official.

Wow. What a year its been. I can't believe how much our perfect Christmas present has grown. Christian has truly been the greatest and most incredible gift Patrick and I have ever been given. We are so grateful for the opportunity and blessing we have to be his parents. I sound like a biased mama, (but everyone else says it about him, too!) he really is the greatest kid. Ever. And Ever? Definitely. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008


okay, okay- so Im a bad poster. sheesh.

Here are just a few pictures from Christian's 1 yr. party- which, was a complete FLOP, btw. blah. I like how I've been planning it since the kid was about 2 days old, and yet the whole thing still ended up being utter lamesauce. I attribute that to the fact our car completely and utterly died and we had to spend the 3-4 days before the party just searching for a car, thus all the little errands/ things i wanted to do just didn't get done. alas. At least he was stinking cute.

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