Monday, November 23, 2009


okay- i know some of you are males, some of you are married, and some of you are our relatives, but seriously people- I think we can all admit-

Patrick is pretty dang awesome. He is totally loved here in Gunnison/Centerfield/our house.

A few of his recent 'accomplishments':
-the last few weeks he has been really involved in the high school musical: Footloose. He conducted the live band and also soloed a lot on the sax. He was AWESOME. seriously. this man can PLAY. Afterwards, several of the band members (adults from the community) came to me and told me how much they enjoyed working with him, that he 'really knows his stuff', how they realllly hope he sticks around awhile, etc.

-A sister in our church congregation dropped by a few weeks ago to ask Patrick to sing a solo in our church meeting. She said she had heard several people comment on what a fantastic voice he has. He sang 'Abide with Me Tis Eventide' and was awesome. During Relief Society (the portion of our church meeting when just the adult women meet together) I had no less than 15 sisters tell me what an amazing voice Patrick has and how wonderful he did. I could only agree. :)
I even had one elderly sister pull me down to where she was sitting and say with a sigh, "I can see why you fell in love with him!"

Yes, now all the women in our congregation are in love with my husband.

-Patrick had a birthday on the 6th. We went to Wingers (a 35 min drive both ways) to celebrate. The boys were thrilled to go for a 'so special dinner'.

nevermind the extra-big hair...

enjoying the birthday asphalt pie

This Sunday we each spoke in church. His talk on Self Mastery was absolutely incredible. Even his in-laws were totally impressed. ;)

A few more reasons this man is awesome:
-constantly has to listen to all my home-decor ideas/plans/dreams. And rarely complains about it.

-he's so excited to have a baby girl

-he's both Channing and Christian's best friend. Seriously. Those boys ADORE him

-he NEVER complains when i have failed to even get dressed for the day...and its 5:30 pm.

-Even though I feel like the size of an elephant right now, he calls me a Mouse.

-He didn't even hesitate about missing a guaranteed delicious thanksgiving dinner at his parents house in exchange for hosting my parents who are in town visiting at our house...and a potentially disasterously tasting dinner cooked by me.

Yeah. I think that last one sums it up pretty good. :)

I love you, babes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Rant. a completely complaining post. In which I count NOT my blessings. At all.

This is a total whining post.

You have been forewarned. (in my defense, i don't think i've ever done one of these before.)



Gunnison/centerfield, UT, our new residence is a small place. I could go on for awhile on the perks of said place. But as previously stated, I will only complain and be overly dramatic in this post.

I need stores. I have SO MANY projects i really want to work on to set up our house (oh yes, we have a house. more on that later. That would be discussing a blessing. But this is a strictly ranting post)

Paint, sewing, curtain rods, curtains, fabric, paper, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.


I want a Joanns.

I want a Walmart/Home Depot close enough that its not a huge gas expenditure/weekend excursion to go there.

I want a costco. So i can buy wipes. and huge bags of chocolate chips. (oh wait. no i don't. because then I wouldn't be able to mooch such things off said awesome brother and wife when they come down to visit..)

whine whine whine.

But seriously, people.

A thrift store would be nice. Then I could make my cheap-purchase-awesome-transformation purchases there.

ALAS. here I sit. Wasting away. Searching every possible online store for things like bright pink fabric, night stands, lamps, ribbon, tissue paper, cardstock, etc. etc. etc.

AND I CANT BUY ANY OF IT. b/c I'm obnoxious like that. Surely there must be a better deal somewhere. Or, what if its not the right shade? Texture? etc. BECAUSE I CANT SEE IT IN PERSON. and because paying 4.95 shipping is lame. (and i could use the opportunity here to thank my lucky stars that my awesome brother has hooked us up with amazon prime, but that would be showing gratitude. AND AMAZON DOESN'T SELL EVERYTHING. Almost, but not quite.)

And so i do drastic things like using the power drill on home projects I'm mildly clueless about while Patrick is at work so that i feel like SOMETHING is getting done... (and no, this did not turn out well....)

grumble grumble grumble.

I even dreamed about contacting Joanns and signing a petition to get them to open a store out here.

Its that pathetic.

WHY DIDNT I PURCHASE ALL CRAFTING/HOME IMPROVEMENT ITEMS I WOULD EVER NEED EVER WHEN THEY WERE SO CLOSE! SO VERY VERY CLOSE!!! NOW THEY ARE ALL SO FAR AWAY! ( i felt this way after each kid was born- 'why didn't i run all the errands I would ever have to run before 'fillintheblank' was born?? It was so much EASIER then! How Naive I was!!')

Anyways. I hope you get my jist. And are full of sympathy. And want to bring me large batches of awesome fabric and cardstock and ikea items. Immediately.

And I've decided to write a memoir: So Many Ideas, So Much Time, Nowhere to Purchase.

But then I'll need a store to sell it in.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is Halloweeng! This is halloweeng!

I must confess.

I. Love. Halloween.

No- I do not support gross, creepy, satanic, actually SCARY things on Halloween.

I DO support getting to dress up like something extra fun and wandering around and loading up on goods. :)

This year we even had 2 totally legit trick-or-treaters. :)

Patrick is the best. sport. ever.

(he actually enjoys it, too. :) )

We(I) had these costumes planned before Halloween last year. Pathetic? I prefer Prepared. :P

Let me present to you


(you cant see it in this picture, but I have a blue star on my belly. 10 points if you know what I am...) (and really- click on the picture to make it bigger, b/c we don't want you missing out on ANY of the extreme cuteness.)

We had such a fun time (despite the lack of evidence in the form of smiles in the picture above)! After every single house, Christian would exclaim, "Let's Do it Again, mommy!! I want to trick-or-treat AGAIN!" He was LOVING it.

We carved some pumpkins (finally) Saturday afternoon- Ernie, Cookie Monster, and Grover. They are pretty awesome, but our pictures didn't turn out so hot. We'll try and take some more tonight.

It was a wonderful day.
Now what to be next year....? ( Patrick wants to be the TMNT gang (teenage mutant ninja turtles) and for me to be April. However, I am not so keen on dressing my 9 month old GIRL as a TMNT. To that he says that SHE could be April, and I could be a TMNT. Hmmm. Any other ideas? )

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