Sunday, August 31, 2008


Raviolli! We love Raviolli! Raviolli! Its the best for me!

Do I have it on my shirt?
Yes, you have it on your shirt!

On my face?
On your face!

On my hands?
On your hands!

On my elbows?
On your elbows!

In my hair?
In your hair!

On my eyebrows?
On your eyebrows!

On my chest?
On your chest!

Ohhhhhhhh.....Raviolli! We love Raviolli! Raviolli! Its the best for me!

(I now finally understand that song.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

River Trip

In keeping with the tradition of this blog being out of order, I now present our River Trip. :)

Thanks to our highly successful mini camping trip, we charged ahead and went on the big Summerhays River Trip, July 15-19.

Patrick's family and his dad's best friend Woody (no, that isn't his real name, though when I originally asked Patrick about it he wasn't sure WHAT Woody's name was--surely it wasn't Woody. Who names their baby Woody?!? But... uh, maybe that IS his real name... Actually, Woody's middle name is Wood, hence the nickname Woody, though now I can't remember his actual first name... and so you see, his 'name' is Woody) and his family went on a river trip to the Snake River in WY 3 years ago and decided to go again this year. Woody and co. are major outdoor people and own a couple of large rafts, a bunch of paddles, probably millions of life jackets, and everything else needed for a fabulous camping trip (even a shower!).

It was such an awesome time! I've never done anything like that before, and river running is on my list of things to do in my life, so I was super excited to go.

The river run was about 8.5 miles and took between 75-90 min to go down. There were some pretty sweet rapids, and yes, I fell in. Twice. Okay, actually one of those times I was pushed in--by my FATHER IN LAW! Ouch! If you aren't really sure how your in-laws feel about you, just wait and see if your father-in-law pushes you into life-threatening, dangerous, deadly, freezing, rushing, suck-you-down-under rapids. That'll probably give you a pretty good clue. :P

Okay--the full story. I fell out one time in the Lunch Counter Rapid (so named b/c people often gather on the flat rocks on the shore to eat lunch and watch all the rafters biff it). It was pretty. darn. cold. I think dad rescued me that time. Mainly because he was the only one to notice I was overboard. My beloved husband and brother-in-law, Austin, were just having a major party in the front of the boat, trash talking the waves: "bring it on! YEAHHHH! YEEEEHAWWWW!" Meanwhile, My life is flashing before my eyes (thanks, honey).

A little later, my sister-in-law Marianne fell overboard. Dad and Austin, Marianne's hubby, both went to rescue her. Without noticing the other, they both pulled on her jacket to bring her aboard. Because Marianne was directly across from me, their brute strength ended up coming across the boat and Dad knocked me in the water. Luckily my beloved husband payed more attention and heroically saved me.

The scene which ensued was pretty darn hysterical. Marianne was still on the floor of the raft, Austin's holding nearly everyone's oars, and I came crashing in all squashed on top of myself like some Chinese contortionist. All I can see are all these pairs of legs towering above me, Marianne is sitting on my head somehow, I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe, and I hear these voices: Is she okay? Is she laughing or crying? Seriously, is she okay?? It was really only one voice--Woody. Everyone else is laughing too hard to speak themselves...
You should have just been there.

But anyways, not to distract from the point...

Dad--You're out of the will.

At least Mom wasn't blatantly trying to get rid of me. There was another rapid where I nearly slipped off the raft, but I felt mom's hand reach out behind me to hold me on board.

Thanks, Mom. :)

It was an awesome trip, made possible only by our awesome family members who were SO nice in helping to watch our kiddos back at camp. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Seriously, people, you are awesome! (TOO BAD NONE OF THEM READ THIS BLOG. Except you, Alyson. THANK YOU, ALYSON. Any other Summerhayses who confess to reading this blog, I will gladly give a personal shout out to you too--how's that for bribery?)

The food was stellar.

The sights were gorgeous.

The weather was perfect.

The company was Awesome.

The kids were the cutest. Ever.

Ahhh. It was a wonderful Week. :D

And now, for approximately 3.4 bajillion photos. (3 people held out through the what, 2.7 bajillion photos from the last post, so we'll see who's a SUPER die-hard reader now. :) )

I make dirt look good

Playing 'Peas Porridge Hot'

Rob and Channers catching some Zzz's

Channing often looks concerned about his life here on earth

Both kids were champion nappers

We gave the boys baths right after mom finished washing everyone's hair (felt so nice!!)

Again with the concern...

Hot cocoa lips

See the plant
Smell the plant
Bite the plant
Spit out the plant

Jenny Lake
Meg and Patrick
Jon and Chan man
I fell in whilst trying to make it out to the big rock where all the cool people were hanging out. Doh.

Ow OW! what a stud :)
Camping sure tuckers you outAh, yes, it was a great week!

Monday, August 4, 2008

One Monthary!

yes, yes, this blog is starting to get way out of order. So what. :)

July 11 we celebrated Channing's one monthday.
The rocking chair photo shoot:

A little rewind:

And because they are all so ridiculously cute, here are about 2.1 bajillion pictures:

Hey brother. Here mom goes. Get ready.

NICE! A ball! Maybe this won't be too bad, after all.

Woah. You're a cougar fan too?


nice belly, fellow coug!

Hey mom! Cool props!

Weird stringys..

yeah, chan man, those are pretty cool stringys, huh?

lemme try some of yours

Ah, good little Channing

Hey, watch this: Pounce,tackle and...


Hey, silly, get your foot off of me!

Ooo! This little pig went to market..

Woah! You have TINY piggies!!

It was a fun photo shoot. :)

Daddy's pretty proud of his Cougar Cubs. :)

What a Guy!

Okay. So, Patrick is pretty much the greatest husband ever. Ever. Seriously.

Not only is he the BEST daddy to our kiddos, he also makes me feel like a million bajillion (times infinity) bucks.

Throughout my pregnancies I was a 'mouse'. (I referred to myself as feeling like a whale or at least an elephant, but no, he said i was like a mouse. In fact, the halloween i was preggers w/ Christian he checked out "Mouse's first halloween' from the library. :)) I was never large, just 'medium' with child. :)

When I feel like a dumpster he says I'm beautiful.

When I've accomplished NOTHING whatsoEVER during the day and confess I just laid around all day, he tells me I needed the break and rest.

And even though we probably shouldn't splurge....


Wednesday night we had a date. Dear Lubka was going to watch Both kiddos. And we were going OUT!

I pick him up from work, and he greets me with the most beautiful bouquet ever. Ever.

Attached note: Get ready for a great date tonight! I love you! -Patrick.

Seriously can't stop smiling about it.

A million bajillion bucks, I tell you.

Of course the pictures don't do justice- just imagine utter gorgeousness and you'll be close.

The date? We went to go see Get Smart with our free movie tickets from Albertsons.
and then to Smart Cookie to use the rest of our gift card from my birthday. Where we made anniversarymoon plans. WOOOOT.
Came home to Lubka reading the Ensign, the dishes done, and BOTH kids sleeping.

This. is. the. life. :)

I love you, Babes!!!

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