Sunday, November 4, 2007


So, Halloween gets a bad rap. But, I won't hesitate to say that I LOVE it! To me, few things could be greater than dressing up and getting loaded up on free candy. Seriously. It's awesome.

I REALLY miss trick or treating. Again, I am of the belief that as long as you dress up, you're never too old to trick or treat. Now if I can just persuade society... (and patrick...)

Christian was the greatest Vampire ever. He has a fabulous widow's peak which lent itself perfectly to the part. I spent ridiculously forever on his cape-- simply because I didn't have enough fabric to do the simple pattern. Thus, I had to be extremely creative and invent one of my own. Major pain. But worth it. :)

Like his fabulous coffin candy pail? Me too. :)

Patrick was a vampire victim, I was Pippi, and christian was awesome. :)

Can't wait for next year!! :D

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Birthday, Birthday, Coming to Earth Day!

We celebrated my birthday Monday- Patrick's family made dinner and I made pumpkin cheesecake.

It was fun. Im so grateful to be a part of the Summerhays' Family. I love you!

Patrick was taking ample photos of the event- and got discouraged when my reactions moved on too quickly for a shot. One of these photos I'm being overly dramatic about my excitement (complete w/ wide open mouth) so that he can get his picture. After going through the pictures, I realize my 'over dramatization' really isn't that exaggerated...

Of course, christian was/is the cutest EVER. (Nate and Molly gave us this outfit for my birthday- it was a little to small for me, plus, Im not a huge fan of wearing onesies- so I very thoughtfully donated it to Christian. (He works it way better than I could, anyway.)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Huzzah! We did it! (not like we ever doubted, but hey- when you can find a reason: Celebrate!)

Yes, that's right- we've made it to TWO YEARS. We're now in our 3rd. Before we know it, we'll be married 5 years, and then we'll seem old. :)

Patrick and I went on our 2nd anniversarymoon this past weekend to SLC. It was fabulous. Grandma and Grandpa Summerhays watched Christian for the weekend.
We stayed at the University Guest house and just played in SLC. We went to the Planetarium (where we got popcorn, drink, and treat- spare no expenses!). We also went to the Children's museum, the Temple, a concert, and shopping! Patrick went shopping with me for FOUR HOURS. Straight. Now if that's not true love, I don't know what is.

It was just such a great weekend spent together. I Love my Man!!

Friday Dad Hadfield met us on top of the conference center and treated us to lunch at the Garden Room. Delicious! It was so fun to hear/see all his construction projects he created back with his Tecrete company. WE LOVE YOU, DADDY!

At the Children's museum- Im sporting a fabulous bull cape, and patrick actually looks good- go figure.

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