Monday, February 2, 2009


Today is a glorious day.

The groundhog sees (or not) his shadow.

But even MORE glorious-

MY DADDY WAS BORN!!!! many, many, many, many, many, MANY years ago. (hehe- just kidding, dad!)

And let me tell you. He is THE BEST. Seriously. He exemplifies manhood.

Especially his hands. (just go with me on this one).

My dad has, to me, the perfect man-hands. I have always thought this. They are everything I think a man's hands should be. They say you can tell a lot about a person by their hands.

It's true.

My dad's hands are big, thick, and strong. Perfect for lifting up grandkids, opening super tight bottles, turning really stiff cranks. They are worn and rough. My dad is the hardest worker I know. He always has been. He is a construction man, a builder. He can fix anything. ANYthing. I see his hands covered in grease from working out in the garage, green with grass stains from the yard, splattered with paint and dust from endless house projects 'while you're resting'.
and yet...
His hands are soft. Gentle. perfect for holding my newborn babies. Clean. Righteous. Those hands have given countless priesthood blessings. Firm and strong in a good handshake, and they still engulf my hands when I go to hold one of his. I can picture my dad's hands perfectly right now. His slanted thumbnail, the freckles (that's where I get them!), the gold-colored watch, and always his wedding ring. The icing on the cake- that my dad is married to my mom for eternity, and that he will ALWAYS be my dad.

And that he wants it to be that way.

Dad, I love you.

Happy Birthday!!

Daddy-Daughter dance at my wedding reception

His card that wont arrive till thursday since it got returned for 'insufficient postage'....UGH...

Don't worry dad- I made it during a 'study break'- in no way did the making of this card interfere with my schooling.

We love you!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

WE HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!!!!/EBAY listing #47590398

So, you know how people are often finding the Virgin Mary on a tortilla chip, or the angel Gabriel squirted out in their mustard? And are able to sell (if they choose to so desecrate such holiness) said items for millions on ebay?


MANY moons ago we were watching "Martian Child" at our house and got to the credits.

and this is what we saw:


Now, to the lesser spiritual eye, this may appear to just be a dog with an open mouth.

but to us 'more elect'...

ITS CLEARLY JESUS. Seriously. Look in the dogs mouth. The head. the hair. the beard. the distinct facial features. the hands praying.
(man, i wish i knew how to draw things on photos so you could clearly see this)


I mean- the credits were just playing along, and I saw this- and immediately had to rewind and go back. It seems so obvious that somebody must have done this intentionally, but through extremely scientific internet research, I find no evidence of said tampering.

We. Have. Been. Chosen.

(bidding will start at $876.00)

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