Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mario Birthday Party!

So, uh, waaaaaay back in December, Christian turned 5.  He has been planning on a Mario Party pretty much since he turned 4. :)

Mario Invites-
yes, at the risk of sounding vain, I will say-
I am dang proud of these. :D
The face slips out of the hat to show the info-
Christian LOVED these- and carried his around for seriously Months. 

As each guest arrived they were given a crown or a mario hat to get in character.  These were a total hit!

Then the mini Marios and petite Princess Peaches made their own red chomped plants. (please excuse my complete ignorance as to the proper titles of all things Mario)-

Mario Jed with his Chomper Plant

Next it was time for games! Daddy and sons were happy to help mommy with her 'research' for fun party games- (aka- I watched the boys play Super Mario for a bit pre-party to help me come up with some fun games similar to the video game)

We played:

Goomba Stomp-
(everyone had to stomp-pop all the goombas balloons)
Mario Christian and the ill-fated Goomba

Goomba stomping

A real-life version of Mario in the Ghost castle-(or  a variation of red-light-green-light)
     -each kid picked out their own Boo Balloon, stood behind a line- and a Mario was chosen. The Boos then had to sneak towards Mario while he wasn't looking, and then freeze when he turned around. First Boo to tag Mario got to take his place.
Princesses Savannah and Evie catching the Boos in action

One of the favorite games was inspired by when Mario jumps and slides down the green hills, knocking creatures out of his way.  (or human bowling)

-we slid down the slide and tried to knock down all the creatures (turtles and the other things.. see? Im pathetic in my Mario knowledge..) at the bottom.
Mario Cannon knocking the Goombas and Turtles out of the way
Marios waiting their turn for Goomba/Turtle bowling-
and seriously. Look at that boy's face- that face makes anything and everything worth it. :)

At the end of all the games, just like Mario at the end of a level, each child was given a flag and had to jump up to stick it as high up on the flag pole as possible.
Mario Channing and his level victory flag
Level Completed!

Then cake and ice-cream and smiles all around.

Princess Anna loves her cake.

I think my little man  Mario liked it. :) 


**Major thanks to my little brother Evie for his Goomba/Boo balloon artistic skills, for foiling up our flag pole and for creating our turtle/goomba bowling guys. oh, and cutting out the hot pink level flags. Love you, brother!

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