Thursday, April 29, 2010


Monday, April 26, 2010

14 weeks

Two posts in One day?? I know. Insanity. (edit: I wrote this yesterday, but then couldn't find the camera to upload the pictures marking the event 'till this morning...)

but i can't NOT mark this milestone.

Anna rolled over! She has mastered both front-to-back and back-to-front today.
14 weeks old.

Look how proud she is of herself. The stinker.
p.s. Thanks N&M for letting us borrow the playmat- she LOVES it!

She seriously needs to stop growing up.

For awhile now she has been trying to stand up on my lap.
She's just barely supposed to be able to keep her head up.

Stop, Anna. Stop. Right now.

You are my BABY.

Don't get me wrong. I love watching you learn new things and take in your surroundings. I love that you giggle a lot these days. I love that you coo so sweetly. I love that you 'sing' to me and smile and just melt my heart all over the place.

I love these things.

But please. Stop growing up.

Pretty please?

Overheard at Our House

At Ace Hardware w/ Christian, looking at toilet seats.

Christian sees one of the padded kinds-

"Look mom! A COUCH toilet! A Couch toilet! That's funny!"

hahaha. Yes it is, son.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 months!!

Today Anna turned 3 months old. *sigh*
-She's been laughing for over a month now. They are small, but oh-so-cute little laughs.
-She coos quite a bit- love it.
-Very attentive.
-Pushes on her legs to stand up for brief periods of time
-the sweetest little snuggler

I love this girl.

the traditional rocking-chair-monthly-photo:

The photo session was very limited b/c of the loving and excited audience:

I took this picture yesterday- after blow-drying her hair for kicks-
Curly McCurlyson gone straight:

In other news- This is how I caught Christian outside:

At least he was wearing shoes.....:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anna's Blessing

Sunday was Anna's baby blessing. And yes, thankfully her name is still Anna Marie Summerhays. (Patrick had been warning me that he may be 'inspired' to change her name to Barthuzala or something- and i told him I might be 'inspired' to whack him if that happened.)

It was wonderful. My parents were able to fly out for the event, which was so, SO special for me! (we had no idea they would be able to make it- thank you my-mom's-piano-student's-mom-who-gives-them-free-standby-tickets!!!

Anna wore the blessing dress my mom made for me. The one my older brothers teased her about because it was so long.

Saturday night Mom, Dad, me, P, and Ev stayed up till 1am watching 1776- (the musical- with Mr. FEENY! Do you people remember him? From Boy Meets World- the principal? Yeah. He plays john adams. He SINGS! and DANCES! MR. FEENY!!!! crazy. and awesome. and no one besides Patrick remembers who Im even talking about...)
Anyways- mom was adding new elastic to the sleeves (24 yr old elastic isn't very elastic-y...)while we were watching the show- and it was pretty neat to imagine her doing the same thing 24 years ago for me. :) (sans the 1776 watching part.)

So many of our family members were able to come out for the event- and we so appreciate the long drive that you all made to be there! Patrick did a fabulous job, (which he rightfully takes no credit for) and it was so special to see all the men in the circle representing all the people who love our baby girl.

*sigh* This little girl is such a sweetheart. She looked so beautiful. I had seriously considered making each of my girls (we hope there are more!) their own blessing dresses- but seeing Anna in hers, and seeing how much it meant to my Mom- I think it was the perfect choice. I DID make her little that counts, right? :)

Molly took some gorgeous pictures which I am super excited to see, and will share those later- but in the meantime:
(uh, these were all actually taken Monday afternoon- we couldn't find our camera Sunday...)

(okay- really need to get a 'nice' picture of the boys with their sister- but i love this one. LOVE that all these are MINE! And it totally makes me look forward to the future and the fun times these little cuties are going to have together. *sigh* Feeling Lucky.)

Thanks SO MUCH for coming mom and dad!! It was so wonderful to have you here! (mom and dad S came too- and it was so wonderful to have them here, too- but I don't have any pics with them...)

It's a looong dress.

Three Generations. Love it.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Today I am home with just these two:

because this one:

Is at his very first 'real' sleepover.
With this one.:

Right now this one:

is sleeping peacefully.

And this one:

woke up so cheerfully and is eating a Bana.

I have big plans for today.
Playing. Laughing. Snuggling. Sto-Wee-ing. (story-ing)

Its 9:32am. I miss my Bubbies.
but it's gonna be a great day.

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