Sunday, August 8, 2010

Patrick's Post: Oh Zion, Dear Zion...

I'm sure Tawna will post about our recent Hadfield Reunion in Zion National Park, so I will not go into the details of that event, but feast your eyes on this:

Pictured here is a portion of the "trail" to the summit of Angel's Landing (no, my leg is not pictured here).

All that is keeping you from plummeting to your doom is your balance, your fear, and that chain right there to the left of you. The fear is key; if you had none, you would choose to walk closer to the edge and not hold on to the chain as often and then you would end up like the many hikers who have died falling off this cliff. Hmm... reminds me of a certain scriptural passage involving a rod and a tree...

I hiked up these:

(called Walter's Wiggles)

To get to this:

Pretty breath taking, no?

(as a side note to my other activities this summer, it feels like I have moved this much rock and dirt around my yard trying to tame the landscape. I'm still working on my sprinklers. The only thing that looks done is my tan--don't worry Mom and Dad, I'm using sunscreen!)

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