Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy SIX years!!!

Our family celebrated our 6-year birthday-
(Seeing as we were fresh out of the hospital and it was mildly painful to walk... P and I will have a fabulously romantical evening later... :) )

We watched Patrick and I's wedding video- the boys loved seeing daddy and mommy (but mostly daddy) as little kids. Daddy was the big hit of the show because he had all the cool toys and costumes: TMNT, He-man, Ninjas, Pirates, etc. Mommy just had crazy hair and a cat. (oh man. Hopefully that's not foretelling of my future...)

The kids helped make and decorate a birthday cake, then we sang happy birthday to our family, blew out candles, and looked forward to another 6 amazing years. :)

From this:

To This:

Best Six Years of My Life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Skyler Elliot Summerhays

October 19th, 2011

10lbs 4 oz

20.5 inches long

SO glad you're here little buddy! (er...little?)

Welcome to the Summerhays Zoo! :D

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Overheard at Our House

The boys (and now Anna) love to war against the vacuum whenever I use it. This morning they had out the makeshift swords and lasers and other such ninja weaponry, their lowest, toughest, manliest voices (and Anna's most impressive grunts)- and talked rough with the vacuum cleaner. They like to lay their weapons in front of it, trying to stop it. However, mama never stops when she's on a vacuuming mission- and today was no exception.

After the vacuum kept pressing forward Chan cries out:
"Quick!! Run from our lives!!!"

Just now at lunch:
Mom- I call Anna a lady. You and Anna are ladies. Me and Christian are MANS!

Can't wait to get even More testosterone pumping through this house! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Still pregnant. Still. sigh.

In other news.... my two dearest girlfriends out here and I have all been pregnant at the same time. It's been super fun (though I'd be totally okay if my 'fun' ended here any minute...) to watch our bellies grow and talk baby together.

Sunday (three weeks ago..) they both indulged me in a quick photo of our bellies while our husbands and 7 kids clammored anxiously to go home. Becky was due on Friday (5 days later) myself, 2 weeks after that- so we knew we didn't have many more opportunities for such a fabulous photo.
Ruth (due Jan) Becky (due sept 30) Me (due Oct. 13)
Good thing we did, b/c Becky went into labor that night. :)

Myself? well..

here I am 2.5 weeks later....

39.5 weeks...

P and I snuck in a 'final' date pre-baby. (Newish mexican restaurant in Ephriam and Wal-mart errands- we live life on the edge! :P)

I say 'final' because last night we snuck in another 'final' date pre-baby. 3 days overdue. (We split a pumpkin pie shake (so good!) and then cruised the aisles of Family Dollar. I know. We're wild things!

Don't misunderstand. I LOVE dating my husband. LOVE.
But. I would REALLY be okay if we didn't get another date opportunity.... (today is sunday- tomorrow is FHE night....)



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This morning..

So, we are all anxiously waiting the arrival of our newest buddy. But he really needs to come quickly before daddy joins the ranks of sickies in the house. All 3 kids have had runny noses and coughs the last several days and I have finally joined in the fun. It's awesome. (blah.) But seriously- is it pathetic that I am totally looking forward to the 24-48 hours of no cleaning/cooking/trying to get things ready just lying in a hospital bed? *sighhhhhh* sounds so relaxing right now. :)

Anyways. This morning, as usual, Christian was the first of the kids awake. I had a bad headache and wasn't super eager to jump out of bed. Little Miss woke up and was banging on her door (she can't open doors yet)- so I sent Christian to go let her out. Anna currently loves carrying around loads of treasures. This morning, she came to my bedside with her blankie, her brothers' Cars 2 book, her stuffed piglet, her doll, and a little bear snuggle toy. She and Christian came to say hi and give me loves and then went off to play. But first, Anna gave her brother each treasure one by one to have him carry them for her. Ever the obliging big brother, Christian indulged her saying "oh boy, Miss! How am I going to carry all this??" and then Anna happily toddled out of the room with her bus boy following close behind her. :)

Moments later I hear Christian tell her- "oh no, sweetie. We can't go downstairs, Channing is still sleeping."

"Oh Hey there, buddy Channing!! Good morning! Did you have a great sleep??"

Moments later Chan comes running into my room, climbs up on my bed and tells me "Gooood morning, mommy! I slept for 62 minutes!"

sigh. These kids. This is why I go through the madness of motherhood. This is why I exist.

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