Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where to Begin?

Oh where, oh WHERE to begin? Again, I have fallen in the 'so much to say, it's easier to never start' trap.

Welp, gotta start somewhere. :)

We are official residents of Centerfield, UT- basically an extension of Gunnison. We are slowly getting used to the VERY small-town life. People here have been great. In about one week we received corn and tomatoes from one family, peaches and corn from another, and squash and zuchinni from a third. We even had our first dinner guests a week or so ago for Sunday dinner. They are a young couple with a boy Christian's age and a 3 month old girl. It was good times.

Patrick is doing so well with teaching!! With the old director leaving, a few kids didn't sign up for band b/c they were iffy on what the new director would be like- but he's had a few come begging to let them be back in band b/c they heard he was so great. How's that for a compliment? :)

Our boys LOVE their new house. I think it's b/c they actually have SPACE to PLAY. They are amazing playmates- and crack Patrick and I up daily.

There is a church kiddy-corner to our house with a huge lawn that we visit often to kick a ball and run around. (Our lawn is just dirt...for now) There is also a nice little park about 1.5 blocks away that we go to when Daddy comes home from work.

One of my most favorite things out here is the stars. Our bedroom window has had an incredible view of the big dipper the last few weeks. Its pretty great to be able to 'sleep under the stars' inside in a comfy and warm bed.

Somehow I lost several pictures in the process of downloading them on the compy...which is pretty depressing. Maybe they'll turn up somewhere.

A sweet lady in our ward came over and showed me how to bottle chicken. I think we'll try it out tonight...I'll let you people know how it goes... :) It sure smelled good.

Our new friends invited us to the park- (the ones we had over for dinner) And there was a huge Lab/Golden Retriever which Christian LOVED. One day... :)

Life is Good. We'll Keep you posted with updates and pictures.

We are blessed. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh BOY.....

It's a GIRL!!!!!!

(We JUST got our internet hooked up about 3.4 minutes ago, so prepare for blog post overload...)

2 weeks ago my dear brother took me and the boys to my ultrasound. After forever, the doc finally announced we are the lucky recipients of a beautiful baby girl!!

Super excited. But no, I wasn't 'hoping' for a girl at all.

We're working on getting the nursery all set up. SO EXCITED.

My sweet neighbor brought over our first little girl outfits to get us started before we moved. Thanks, amy!!

Christian is realllly excited about his baby sister. :) So are we. :)

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