Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Small Towns are Awesome:

Several weeks ago, patrick came home early Friday afternoon and took us all to see the homecoming parade.

It was Awesome.

a) Lots of the high schoolers recognized Mr. Summerhays and thus pelted us with extra candy. Yes- this was a good thing. No- it was not done out of dislike.

b) We stood by no other kids and thus got to retrieve all the excess candy for ourselves. Ehm. I mean our kids.

c)What do you do when your homecoming theme is about The Jungle? and you have no zoo? and you are a small town?

Why, spray paint a local donkey, of course!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Several weekends ago, our faithful visitors (you too can earn this title by visiting us >1 times.... :) ) Nate, Molly, Cannon, Noah, and Ev came down for our first ever Summerhays Halloween Party.

It wasn't so much of a 'party', but it was still so fun.

Both Christian and Cannon are crazy excited for "Halloweeng". Associate ANYTHING with Halloween, and Christian is immediately excited about it. Lentil Soup, Carrots, the wind blowing...etc. Its great.

Anyways. Our weekend:
Guests arrived at about 8:30 pm.

Chatting and crazy-almost-3yr-olds go rampaging.

Decorate Punkin cookies. (thus satisfying the almost-3yr-olds dreams of a Halloween Party)

Patrick comes home from the Gunnison Homecoming Football game. (at which they had FIREWORKS during halftime. Now, I came from a pretty well-off school district, but i certainly don't remember fireworks...ever. Hopefully all the build-a-bathroom-at-the-stadium funds are still in existence...)

Patrick expresses disgust that all the party foods have not been 'busted out' yet.

Chips/Nacho Cheese/Pop appear.

Everyone settles down for the you-tube showing of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin and Disney's the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Half-way through the Legend, christian and patrick seem to be the only ones awake.

We persevere.

Guests sleep over.

Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. (delish!)

Then a wonderful Hike to the G.

And by 'hike' we mean 'walk'.

it was a Lovely, Lovely weekend.

Thanks guys!!!!!!

27 weeks

Friday we were going to have our first date in a LONG time.

But the sitter got sick.

So...we took the kids.

To a sweet bowling alley. Which had to date from the 70s. or earlier. With little-to-no updates. :)

It was fun.

I bowled a 24. Or something. A very far cry from the 178s of my bowling league days. (little known fact: I was a member of the Plano East Bowling Team).

I blame it on the belly.

Here is the glorious belly of 27 weeks.

I post this to remind my husband that I can, in fact, look decent when the prospect of a date is before me.

And to remind him that I DO (sometimes) shower and dress.

(sick. and pathetic.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Life Lesson #47

Never, ever, EVER, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES- no matter HOW great and totally reasonable and perfect it may seem at the time..

NEVER EVER move into your hopefully future home before closing. It doesnt matter if you are just going to rent for a month until you can close because you suddenly got a job 2 hours away from your current living location and would really like to actually live together with you spouse/kids. It doesnt matter that the home is under contract. That is is brand new and you are the only people to have ever occupied it and are in the middle of trying to make it officially yours.

These things dont matter.

Never ever EVER move into a home before you officially close. Dont rent it. Just stay in a scary apartment on the main highway. Even if you have 2 adventurous kids 2 and under who have been known to escape and run into the middle of the street. And you reallllly dont want to live off the highway. Just Do it.

Trust me.

Life Lesson # 47 learned?


Double Check.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Livin the Good Life

Just a few glimpses of why I love waking up each day:

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beloved Drake

Patrick's friend from his AF single's ward days, Landry',-'s parents live in Centerfield (the town we now occupy). Jim and Wendy. They are whom Patrick lived with while I was back in Provo frantically trying to pack.

Jim and Wendy have another son, Drake, age 14. (okay, they actually have 4 sons and a daughter, but Drake is the focus of this post. The other 4 kids are out of the house).

You with me?

(Don't worry- I wont try and complete a 4-generation genealogy chart on you..)


The Point is...

Christian LOVES Drake. Love, Love, LOVES.

Channing's pretty fond of him, too.

Drake. is. Awesome.

Drake plays football and is totally not above tackling, punting, fumbling, hiking, rebounding, and all other football/random sporting plays with Christian.

We go over to Jim and Wendy's to watch BYU football. Drake, who obviously loves football and is all about the cougars, runs around the house playing with Christian.

Christian has inherited my childhood repulsion to cooked peas. Or at least yesterday he did.

He was literally gagging on his last spoonfuls of peas- but kept trying to wash them down so that he could go to Drake's House. ( As he would gag a little, he would look up at me and ask- "mommy- what's happening??" and up came the peas. At this point I decided he had tried hard enough and was done with his peas for the night.)

These pictures don't depict the Love in it's fullness, but the boys (at least Christian) were constantly with Drake. When Drake sat on the banana chair, christian immediately went over and snuggled next to him.

Seriously. This kid is awesome. He doesn't have younger siblings, no nephews/nieces, no real reason to be so amazing with toddlers. But he is.

Heres some blog-snaps to Drake. *snap* *snap*

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