Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Big 3-0.

I've been wistfully thinking of the good ol' blog for a really really long time. A couple years, in fact.  But for whatever various (and dumb) reasons, I've stayed away.  No More! I miss recording my own thoughts as well as the happenings of our not-so-little family.

What better way to dive back in than the eve of my 30th birthday?

30. I am 30. (well, almost).  You know? I have not gone through any sort of age crisis, stress, depression, whatever. I think because we have so many kids, I kinda feel like 'its about time!' Im thirty.  I remember a family member really, really having a hard time their entire 29th year really stressing about turning 30. Im grateful I haven't had those feelings.

Pardon as I wax sentimental for a bit.

A portion of me is a little surprised? (though how it can come as a surprise beats me...) that I'm here.  Not in comparison to my friends (they're almost all in the 30s club) but in my family. Im the littles sister. Bud the Pud. The Fridget. Me and Evie keep our family young! but now....Im right there with the rest of the official Adults.  I guess with multiple 40 yr old siblings, our family isn't so Young anymore... :)

But really- I am so happy and satisfied with my life. I am pretty gosh darn thrilled with where life has landed me on my 30th birthday.

I am married to a wonderful, good man. We just celebrated our 10 yr anniversary in NYC.
I have six (Six!!) incredibly beautiful children.  As I was cooing with Lucy tonight, I asked her if she was my crowning achievement for my 30 yrs- and she smiled knowingly. :)
We 'own' our own home. A beautiful, beautiful home. I LOVE our house. I love our yard, our view.
We live in an incredible ward.
I have a group of girl friends I Never thought I would have.
My husband has a good, steady job.
We have 2 cars.
We have 3 ducks and a great garden.
I am able to stay home with our kiddos and homeschool.
I have gotten to somewhat tour the world. Or at least Europe.
I have been extensively around the USA.
I have a good, solid education which allows me to greater appreciate the world around me.

I have gone through life with minimal heart ache.  Or rather, I have had a fair amount of heart ache, but have been able to find joy or peace through it.

I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful.

Knowing that this is basically a private journal now, I feel comfortable (enough) to express my innermost thoughts-

I am grateful for the child and youth I was- for the choices I made- that has led me to this point. I give God glory and thanks, and recognize I would have NOTHING without him, yet I also acknowledge that past choices lead us down certain paths and all choices have consequences.  While I certainly regret decisions I made in past relationships or in squandering different opportunities afforded me, I am grateful for the majority of good decisions I did make.

Following the counsels of the prophets and of church leaders led to minimal sufferings and heartaches through high school and college.  I am so grateful to the Past me, and that through the Grace of God, that I am here now.

I have a LONG way to go- and a LOT of improving to do. But I am also at peace. Peace knowing I am doing what He would have me do, and I am where He would have me be. Need I do more? of course.  But I am grateful to feel that I am on the right path.

30. This is going to be GREAT. I really look forward to life in the future- and I hope the 30 yr old me can make the decisions daily so that in 10 yrs I can again write out that 40 yr old me is grateful for 30 yr old me. :)

My personal goals for my 30th year:
- feel heathy and strong.
- simplify life and home through minimizing and organizing that I have time to get back to doing things I enjoy- revisit my hobbies.
-increase in testimony and faith
-be a greater servant and friend
-reach out to family

30. Maybe not so flirty, but definitely thriving. :D

It's gonna be great.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Overheard at Our House

This morning right after I finished combing his hair for church, Channing says:

"Mom, I should look like this when I'm married."

Then he happily ran off to play.


That wedding day will come all too soon for your momma, buddy.

So I'll capture and treasure this moment the best I can.

I love you, son!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bike ride with Triplets?

All 3 of the older kids have a bike- and they're all the same size. Today we all went for a mile bike ride/walk- and it totally looked like we had triplets and a baby in a stroller. Made my heart happy to see these kids riding in the sunset.

Of course, at the park (our pit stop) Daddy had to tease Channing about riding his bike:

And I couldn't help cracking up (despiteChan's initial dismay over the situation) :)


Patrick and I kinda live the show Psych. I mean, c'mon son, who doesn't?

We've been awaiting the season premiere ever since last seasons nail-biting (okay, just for me) finale. Henry Spencer?!? Gahhh!

Anyway. Tonight was the night. To honor the occasion, we had pineapple smoothies and fries cuatro queso dos fritos (which were totally delicious) .

We kinda aspire to be a married version of Shawn and Gus. With a woman. Meaning one of us is a woman. Me. Unlike the male-male duo of psych. Uh. And....I have successfully fully awkward-ified this post.

The end.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Overheard at Our House

While playing family tag, Channing was 'trapped'- Skyler ran over to him.

Chan came running up to me happily:
"Mom! Professor Chubbins saved me!"

Later at dinner, Skyler was making noises while patting his hand over his mouth.
Chan: "Dad, when Sky grows up he loves to be a Indian!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daddy is the Best

We are currently living full-time at my parents' house while multiple children (between us and the staigers) are sick. Mom teaches piano from 3pm-super late each day, so we hang out in the kids' room and the office in the evenings. After doing some school work with Channing in the office, I walked into the bedroom to this:

Daddy set up lots of 'guys' as target practice for the kids' big Christmas present- Toy Story blasters. (No- Sky was not a target. :) )

Monday, February 25, 2013


Today I witnessed some inspiring teamwork. I told the kids they could have some valentine candy.
Problem: the candy was in a bucket on top of some storage drawers on top of a tall dresser.

All on their own they came up with this.

Proud Mama.

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