Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is a semi-random post in which i attempt to get semi-updated.

Just before Thanksgiving Day, we set up our tree. The boys love it and inevitably, when the tree lights get plugged in, Channing says "ohhhhhhh". Very cute. Its the perfect place to read bedtime stories. :)

We had my parents and lil bro over for our first-ever-hosted-by-us Turkey Dinner. It was actually fun and I am no longer deathly intimidated by cooking lots of good food for Thanksgiving. (Prior to this I always told Patrick that I'm Sorry, but Im just not going to slave away in the kitchen all day long while the men sit around gabbing sports. I would prefer to just buy the stuff premade and call it a day. I think this caused P to question our marriage... ) But no more! While I am still about embracing this glorious day of modern technology (and preservatives) in the form of boxed stuffing and canned cranberry sauce, Im okay with baking rolls, making pies, mashed potatoes, jello, and other good trimmings. :) And, I didn't even destroy the turkey.
I love the Leaning Men picture. :)

Dad spent the morning hanging up curtain rods for us. Good, good man. Its amazing how wonderful a bit of privacy is!

Dad and Channing practicing their Tuba Lips.
Chan enjoying his Chocolate Mousse Pie

The day after Thanksgiving, Santa comes to Gunnison. Our boys (well, Christian) were super excited to go see santa. The whole set up was neat. While waiting in line, you were given a ginormous cookie. There were painted mailboxes in which you could put your letter to santa. And Santa actually took his time with each kid. After you were done with santa you got to choose a fruit, a chocolate, and a candy cane.
Yes. It was awesome.
Christian very politely asked for some Lightning McQueen Slippers, Please.
And Channing enjoyed his cookie. :)

And to wrap up this jumbled post...
What happens when a jar of jam is left on the counter along with a loaf of bread:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Listening in to Christian

Christian LOVES Disney's Cars right now.
We make versions of each character out of his legos. (very, very crude versions...)

He will play Cars for HOURS every day.
I love listening to his sweet voice as he brings his toys to life.

Here are a few moments verbatim as I listen to him playing now:

'Thanks for moving me out of the way" "oh, You're welcome".
"Are you okay doc?" "Yes, I am okay."

Christian Coughs
"You okay Christian?" "Yes, I am okay."

"You gotta get out of my way!" "Hey! Don't say 'get out of my way'!" "Okay, I won't say that word."

"We only say Ka-Chow words, Sally."

"Don't Crash me, Chick." "Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?"

"Oh, be careful! Mater is just a little guy. Doc is a big guy."

"Oh! You can't leave your friend! You can't leave your friends. We can't leave Mater and Sally and Doc and King and Chick and those guys. We can't leave them!"

"Thanks guys." "You're welcome."

Hm. We must be doing something right. Or else he must be hanging around nice people or something. I Love, love, LOVE listening to him play. He often adds "(insert name) said" after he says something. Like- "hey stickers! Let's go! Sally said." Must be all those books....

I also love that his pretend play is so sweet and kind. Those familiar with the movie CARS will recall that Chick Hicks is actually, well, a jerk. He's the guy that crashes into everybody and nearly destroys King at the end. When Patrick started to play Cars with the boys he would play Chick Hicks in his real character. I had to inform him that Christian isn't aware that C.H. is actually mean, and that in his play, everybody is nice to everybody. :)

I am loving this age.

And this boy. :)

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