Thursday, February 28, 2013

Overheard at Our House

While playing family tag, Channing was 'trapped'- Skyler ran over to him.

Chan came running up to me happily:
"Mom! Professor Chubbins saved me!"

Later at dinner, Skyler was making noises while patting his hand over his mouth.
Chan: "Dad, when Sky grows up he loves to be a Indian!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daddy is the Best

We are currently living full-time at my parents' house while multiple children (between us and the staigers) are sick. Mom teaches piano from 3pm-super late each day, so we hang out in the kids' room and the office in the evenings. After doing some school work with Channing in the office, I walked into the bedroom to this:

Daddy set up lots of 'guys' as target practice for the kids' big Christmas present- Toy Story blasters. (No- Sky was not a target. :) )

Monday, February 25, 2013


Today I witnessed some inspiring teamwork. I told the kids they could have some valentine candy.
Problem: the candy was in a bucket on top of some storage drawers on top of a tall dresser.

All on their own they came up with this.

Proud Mama.

Overheard at our house

Christian fell and got some pretty bad scrapes on the palms of his hands.
One night while I was changing the band aids- he was already lying in bed ready for sleep.
As I applied neosporin and a band-aid, he very gently and sweetly told me:

C; "Mom. You're so clever."
Me:"Oh thank you, son. Why am I so clever?"
C: "Because your so soft and kind when you put my band-aids on."

A few weeks ago, Christian said goodbye to his teacher, Mrs. Festa.
She replied "Goodbye, Christian"

C:"Mom! How does she know my name?!?"
Me: "Um, because she's your teacher..."
C: "But!  Was she there when I was born? Did she see me in my stocking? " (Because he is a Christmas Day baby, after his first bath, the nurses brought Christian to me in a giant Christmas stocking)
Me: No. She wasn't there
C: "Then how does she know it??"
Me: "Um, because we told her. At the beginning of School. A long time ago."
C: "What?! It was supposed to be a secret!"

funny kid.

(We've had almost this exact conversation twice. His total surprise that this lady know my name. Kills me. :P )

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