Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summerhays Cinema!

We've been wanting to go to the Drive-In theater about an hour away from our town for the LONGEST time. Thursday night my dear friend came over and we spontaneously made plans (is that an oxymoron? ) to have dutch oven dinners, go fishing, and attend the drive-in Friday night. 

Sadly- Friday turned out to be insanely windy- winds reaching 60mph. 

So....what to do?  Why, hold our own little Drive-In movie, of course!

First, we went to our friends' home for de-lic-ious turkey burgers- (Im a won-over fan!) and then headed back over to ours.  The kids and dads made cars, and Beck and I finished setting up.  The kids also each decorated a brown paper sack to be used later...

The kids were each given 10 'dollars' -
then they came down the stairs where they could buy a movie ticket for $1. The Ticket Man punched their tickets then directed them to the Snack Booth. 

They each had their remaining $9 to spend on snacks. (yeah, I know. We're pretty big spenders over here... ;) ) 
As each kid came up to the snack booth, I pulled out their special bag, and they got to choose how to spend their $9- each scoop cost $1.

 Chan, Anna, and Madi checking out the snacks.

 Christian waiting in line

Christian and Jed- Best Buds 


Decisions, Decisions.... 

Happy Girls- Best Friends

The Gang all parked and ready for the show!  

The Popcorn and Drink Lady came around calling 
"Popcorn! Popcorn! Who wants some Popcorn??" 

We watched the new Winnie the Pooh movie- and the kids were cracking up. We love that show. :) 

It was SUCH a fun night- and we are so grateful we have such wonderful friends to share it with.  The kids thought the whole thing was fantastic- (and they've never been privy to such a variety of treats before! :P ) 

Thanks, Hatch fam- we love you guys!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Overheard at Our House

Last night Patrick conducted his last concert of the school year. Mom and Dad Summerhays came down to support him- (thanks, mom and dad!).  We met up at our house for a treat afterwards, but as it was late and the concert had run pretty long, m&d were in a bit  of a rush to head back.

This morning, Chan says to me
"Mom, Papa Summerhays  had to smash the road."
Me: what?
Chan: Papa had to smash the road last night.

Me: Ohhhh- did Papa say they had to Hit the road?
Chan: Yeah. Hit the road.


I think Chan thought Papa was channeling his inner Hulk Smash or something.  nuts. :P

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Break Camping

We have been ITCHING to go camping this year.  So for the weekend starting P's Spring Break, we busted outta here.

We drove out to Capitol Reef- which admittedly wasn't quite as beautiful as I had remembered.... largely due to the fact we were visiting end of March vs. Mid July on the rainiest day of the year like last time. :P

Still, it was beautiful, and we loved it.

 We chose a "walk up" campsite- which meant our area was huge. perfect for little kiddies to run and play soccer 

 In one of the orchards- We of course, sang Popcorn Popping- and immediately wished for some good popcorn to snack on.
 Anna, Daddy, Chanman. 
 yay! Dirt! :) 
 Anna took a cracker and her blankie, and contently sat next to this tree to chow. 
 During a lunch picnic, the boys climbed waaaay up this mountainous hill- and were super pleased with themselves.
 Meanwhile, Anna happily played in some dirt. 
This picture melts me. These kids are so tender with each other. Love. 

 Climbing around in the slot canyon

We kept bumping into two little boys on a campout with their dad. Anna (in the brown shirt) and unknown little boy (green shirt) apparently didn't mind too much. :)

And a great big shout out to this scenic view- He was amazing. While I was playing with kiddos, he was cooking, cleaning, setting up/taking down.  Best. Guy. Ever.

Anyone up for a group Camping Trip of Awesomeness??

Overheard at Our House

We were with our friends who have two girls and one boy, talking about sisters.

Anna: I have a sister!
Me: oh? Who is your sister?
Anna: The Brothers!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Goooooooo COUGARS!

Patrick has made it a tradition that the VERY first song each our our children hear upon their arrival on earth is the BYU Cougar fight song.

After Chan was born, Patrick was holding him while the nurse was taking care of me. He started to sing a favorite lullaby...then suddenly stopped mid phrase-
"What am I Doing??

Rise all loyal Cougars..."

It was hilarious. The nurse, a fellow BYU fan, was highly amused and pleased. :)

Anyway. Point is: We are cougar fans.

As students, we took our first born to many a sporting event with our awesome All-sports passes. He went to plenty of football, basketball, and volleyball games.

And then we had more. and no sports pass. And thus we didn't go to games anymore. And we moved.

Well. Just before we left to head to American Fork to visit P's family for Thanksgiving, P's older brother called to invite him to a football game. There was a 3rd ticket available, and as I was needed to take care of all the chillins', Josh thoughtfully invited Christian.

The kid had a blast.  So did his daddy. :)


It's been a long, long tiiimmmeee

Is that a song? In my brain, I feel like it is. If not, it should be. :)

Anyway.  What to say when over 6 months of life have gone by with out a 'real' post?

Here's to the near future of hodge podge randomness of whatever I end up posting about. :)

(so- I know it's been a long time when the whole blogger set up is new and I have no idea where my stuff is... )

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