Sunday, March 3, 2013

Overheard at Our House

This morning right after I finished combing his hair for church, Channing says:

"Mom, I should look like this when I'm married."

Then he happily ran off to play.


That wedding day will come all too soon for your momma, buddy.

So I'll capture and treasure this moment the best I can.

I love you, son!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bike ride with Triplets?

All 3 of the older kids have a bike- and they're all the same size. Today we all went for a mile bike ride/walk- and it totally looked like we had triplets and a baby in a stroller. Made my heart happy to see these kids riding in the sunset.

Of course, at the park (our pit stop) Daddy had to tease Channing about riding his bike:

And I couldn't help cracking up (despiteChan's initial dismay over the situation) :)


Patrick and I kinda live the show Psych. I mean, c'mon son, who doesn't?

We've been awaiting the season premiere ever since last seasons nail-biting (okay, just for me) finale. Henry Spencer?!? Gahhh!

Anyway. Tonight was the night. To honor the occasion, we had pineapple smoothies and fries cuatro queso dos fritos (which were totally delicious) .

We kinda aspire to be a married version of Shawn and Gus. With a woman. Meaning one of us is a woman. Me. Unlike the male-male duo of psych. Uh. And....I have successfully fully awkward-ified this post.

The end.

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