Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day/Collage

So, my mom got this great idea awhile back to have each of her kids create a collage representing their families. She bought these beautiful matching frames and we were all supposed to make our collages during our awesome family reunion last Thanksgiving. Well, nothing ever goes quite as planned, and the mats from the frames went home with each of us kids. With school and all, I never had the chance to work on ours, but with mom and dad H here for graduation, the timing was perfect. (plus, we wouldnt have to pay postage to mail it out... :P)

My sisters each made terrific ones and after seeing theirs, i wanted to copy them exactly. But ours took on a spin of its own. and i like it!

here's the summerhays stupendous collage.

(p.s. I love the mat. I wanted to keep it. :) )

We are excited to see the others!!

I want to do this in my own house one day... Great idea, mom. And Happy Mothers Day present! :D

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