Thursday, August 13, 2009


For Our Dear Readers' Information:

We Would Like to Announce the New Headquarters of the Summerhays Family, Inc.

Gunnison, UT. Pop. 2,500.


Our Story:

Tuesday Patrick drove the 1 hr 45 min to interview at Gunnison Valley High School. He did a terrific job, but there were also SIX OTHER INTERVIEWEES.


I couldn't believe it. SCHOOL STARTS IN TWO WEEKS, and its a BOONIE-TOWN, and there were SIX OTHER PEOPLE VYING FOR THIS JOB?????? What is WRONG with these people?? Why Don't they have jobs? What is wrong with them?

(oh, right, we were number 7......)

ANYWAYS. He gets home about 5:30 pm. At 7 pm the phone rings. 7:10 he hangs up and informs me by standing silent with open arms and a big smile, and "wanna go to Gunnison?"

Of course I cheer, run, jump in his arms, and he spins me. Just like the movies. :) Except I start bawling. (well, maybe that IS just like the movies..)

7:15 we give a prayer of Gratitude and request confirmation about our acceptance... No bad feelings ensue, so...
7:20 he calls and officially accepts the position.

7:30pm. Patrick and I call our families.

This is Tuesday the 11th. New teacher training starts Wednesday the 12th. Thankfully, he's not expected to attend. His first teacher day is Wednesday the 19th. ONE WEEK. Students start the 24th. 1.5 WEEKS.

good grief.

Needless to say, our lives are now a complete whirlwind. We have now 5 days to find housing for at least Patrick while we look for housing for all of us. Tomorrow we head out there to: 1) Meet with the assistant superintendent who needs to give p. the low down. 2) Introduce me (per request) to the principal of the high school (and get a set of keys to the school). 3) Have Patrick check out his inventory and see what he has to work with. 4) Look for housing.

Annnnnnd....amidst all this, my dear sister and her 3 kids, my mom, dad, and little brother are all arriving between Tomorrow night and Tuesday. And we have to suddenly book it. :(

But Mostly:

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL. AND SO EXCITED. And i have finally stopped crying. :)

So! We're only 2 hours away from our UT friends. Come visit us!! I hear there's an amazing pizza place and candy store in Manti, which is only about 19 min from Gunnison.

Gunnison, UT. The New Rockingest Place on Earth.

Heck Yes.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Handsome Devil

(okay, off topic, but i just uploaded these pictures, and they were uploaded in like 1.2 seconds. I LOVE GOOD INTERNET!!! At our house it take at LEAST 10 min. per picture... but the internet is no complaints...)


Okay. Channing is ridiculously good looking. Seriously people.

We've been dog-sitting for my brother and SIL, ( a job I personally LOVE) and having a blast here. Christian and channing love having SPACE to play and run, and doggies to chase and pet. I love the amazing kitchen and delicious foods. All of us love the sweet tv, and esp. getting to play rock-band every night. N&M- we love and miss you, but feel free to keep going on vacations! :P

Ill post a few pictures of our activities soon, but for now, the CUTEST 1 year old EVER.

Told you so.

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