Thursday, February 11, 2010

month of lovin'....oops. :)

So much for my daily posts of lovin'ness. Oh well. :)

I HAVE however, been very mindful lately of my blessings and of various things that I love/am so grateful for.

So here's a catch up. Let's see- Feb 3-11th... Here goes

3rd-loving good friends that so, SO kindly agreed to watch our boys so I could go to St. George w/ Mr. Summerhays and Anna.

4th- Love that our stake (group of congregations in the area) has "Old Man Ball"- Basketball on thursday nights. And that P could go. And that he loves playing ball.

5th- Loving that the school district not only provided a hotel room (very nice!) but also a car for us to drive to st. george. Loving the fabulous conversation with my beloved on the way down. Loving that Anna was so good. (why is it when our children are completely silent, they are "being so good" ? ) Loving Summerhays Music for taking us out to a super delicious dinner. Way delicious. and LOVING the great people we were in attendance with. Loving the Fullmers. (too bad they dont read this- DAVE AND NATALIE- Through the vastness of cyberworld we shout out some major loving!)

6th- Loving the classes on children's music i was able to attend. Loving my (and P's) appreciation of music. And that it is an important part of our family's life. Loving the fact that although I totally resented her at times for it- my mom insisted i was active in music. And that she made it such a big part of my life. And now i want to pass that on.

7th- Loving my good man who takes both boys to church like a total hero. Even though he really didn't get to pay attention, b/c a certain toddler was totally exhausted and causing a great commotion...

8th- Loving the wonderful Family Home Evening we had about love and then building a candy Heartbreak Hotel/Love Shack/Manti Temple. :)
LOVING that the night was topped off with the exchange of V-day-ness. And that Mr. Summerhays brought me home flowers. And gave me my FIRST ever Real (nice) box of chocolates. Very Fancy. And that we watched our beloved Sherlock Holmes episodes.

9th- Loving our awesome house. And the peace we have here. Loving that I am able to be home with our kiddos. To play with them, build a tent, make dinner (and actually have it ready and waiting for once). To be our own little family. Loving that the boys have SO MUCH FUN with their daddy.

10th- Loving Mr. Summerhays. Big Time. I got to go to (wow- that looks cool, eh?) a relief society activity. By. My.Self. No children. And I spent the evening chatting it up with two totally fantastic ladies. We are going to be Great Friends. And we are starting a preschool swap this month. Totally excited. My throat hurt a little from talking so much. All the other ladies were smiling at us- (the 3 of us all have little kiddos at home)- they new how much women need women and moms need social interaction. So Fun.

AND- Loving that anna slept from like 8ish-4:30am. And went right back to sleep after i nursed her. And then woke up at 8am. And channing only woke up once. Yes. It was glorious.

11th- Loving the internet. And emails. Particularly the ability to archive old emails. I spent (okay, this was yesterday) an hour or so reading all the emails P sent me throughout our courtship. He was totally crushing on me. :P And then in love with me. :) It was good to read all those fun/loving/sweet emails and to reminisce. Plus, it makes me feel very loving towards him. And Isnt that what this month is all about??

(side note: I am completely shocked if anyone (besides Tia/tam? maybe) actually read all this...)

What are you, dear reader who actually read this, loving right now? share the love!

May the lovin' ensue!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Month of Lovin' Day Dos

Today I am lovin' :

1) My Dear, dear, Daddy-O. It is his xxth* birthday today. Dad- we left you a message on your cell- no one answered at the house. Did you get my card? I sent you one. It better get there.
We love you tons. Thanks for being the best. and for being the only dad I know that wears long-sleeve dress shirts at the beach. With swim trunks. and for catching me off guard everytime i hear you say 'cool' or 'awesome'. Dad- I love you. WE love you. Tons. Hope this year is even better than your xyth* year.

2)A quiet street. Today (and yesterday) my boys got out their bikes and rode along our driveway and the sidewalk while I nursed Anna and watched out the front window. I am so grateful we dont live on a busy road- and that I feel totally safe doing this. I also love the smiles those that did drive by had on their faces watching 2 little boys in bright yellow coats pedal along the sidewalk. They make me smile, too.

* dad's age coded not due to his potential embarassment for how old he's getting, (frankly, I dont think he even cares about the number- just about how well he's living it) but b/c I forget....

Wait- DUH. Dad- You turned sixty. SIXTY??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Holy SMOKES. That's a BIG ONE!!!!! I cant believe i just NOW realized this. (dad's age is easy to remember- he's the only one in our family born on an Even year. He used to joke that he's the only one that's not Odd. so true, so true.)

BUT SIXTY????? Smokes. Ill have to do another post.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Month of Lovin'

Dear FebRuary, (why do you have that random R? Really. It has cause countless misspellings and NO one actually pronounces it. Is it because you feel jipped in your shortness? So you thought you needed to give the world a little something to remember you by? Just wondering..)

Anyways. You are the Month Of Lovin'. And I can't believe you are here already. (does ALL time fly by when you're getting older?? Im not THAT old... sheesh.)

Again, ANYWAYS. In celebration of your lovin'ness, I have decided to (along with the regular posts) to post a Loved Thing of the day for each of your brief 28 days.

So. Today, FebRuary, I salute two things.
1) Modern Medication. My throat is so swollen that its giving me a killer ear ache, and making my TEETH hurt. But. Thanks to some pain meds, I am actually able to survive the day.

2) An awesome husband. While I slept in bed he played paper-towel bowling (thanks P&K for the idea!) and had a Family Home Evening Sans Mommy. About reverence. And the boys thought it was awesome. What a GOOD man.

So, FebRuary- till tomorrow.


p.s. If you have ANY say in the matter- could you please make my throat better? Seeing as how it IS the Month of Lovin'- i would REALLY like to be able to give the extremely attractive man I live with some good smoochin'....

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