Thursday, May 27, 2010

4 Months

Look who's 4 months old!

Anna's Stats:
12lbs 5 oz. Sweet and Petite
26 in long

I dont get how people make chunky babies! I feed this girl, I do!

But, really, we wouldn't change a single ounce of her.

-Is pretty dang tough. (has to be w/ 2 very loving older brothers...)
-Rolls All. Over. The. Place.
Its ridiculous. She rolled for the 1st time at 14 weeks, front to back, back to front. Then she stopped for a little bit. Then she rolled for a little bit.

And for the last several weeks she has been All. Over. I put her down in the living room, and a few minutes later, found her in the kitchen. Me. No. Likey. I want her to stay my tiny baby.

On that note- Christian often tells us "I want to keep Anna. I want to keep my baby sister. I want her to be our baby."

Hear, Hear!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Little Sprouts Preschool

I am totally excited about this! Especially for Christian- I once asked him what his favorite thing to do with Mommy was:


So, this is for you, little buddy!

Check out the site and feel free to tell me what you think!

(thank you to cynthia brown for my fabulous header and my awesome business cards!!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Overheard at Our House

A few cute things that keep us smiling:

After putting on his Lightening McQueen boots, Christian stood admiring them:
'These boots are really Appetizing for me!"

At dinner whenever Channing sees a lid to the ketchup or mustard bottle open:
"Shut the Door!"

After spinning around in circles on Daddy's back, Christian asks:
"Dad, are you busy?"

love these kids!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cry for Help solved. :)

Just a little update on my 'help' post-( i had previously requested help for a name for my preschool)

I decided on a name, and thus deleted that post- thanks for the feedback!

I am currently working on a site for the preschool, and hope to present it for public viewing monday- at least it needs to be ready by then b/c I'll start advertising around town then.
Its actually about ready, but i have a dear and beautiful friend helping me with a header- (THANK YOU, CYNTHIA!) so...yeah. :)

anyways- Im getting excited!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


you may or may not have noticed my ever-growing list of books over there to the side.

I may or may not be working on a list of 24 things to do while Im 24, and reading a set goal may or may not be a part of that list.

Along those lines, we love the library. We miss the beautiful Provo library, but we love our library nonetheless.

Yesterday P took the boys to the library to return/check out some books.

Along with some good Arthur, Berenstein Bears, Dinosaur, and other good-looking children's books,

my boys may or may not have selected this lesser-known children's classic book:

P and I may or may not have died laughing.

Mama-Sons(and Anna) Campin' Time

The following is a post that I never finished from last month...lovely... but still wanted to post about:

Friday night P went on his first going-as-a-leader-not-as-a-scout Scout Camping Trip.

I felt like a Mom. I sewed all his patches on his shirt. (they look pretty good!) And I finally figured out (re-figured out...I know my mom taught my when I was little...) how to blind-hem his pants. On my sewing machine. huzzah!

I knew the boys were NOT going to be happy to have their best buddy gone over night, so I tried to be a good mom (for once) and make it a special weekend for us, too.

We had a Mama-Sons Pretend-Campin'-Trip-Inside! (I had to make sure that when I first presented the idea to Christian that he had a clear idea of what to expect. Otherwise, I knew there would be sadness/disappointment when we didn't use our ginormous tent and when we didn't camp outside. Gotta have those bases covered! )

I was pretty pooped by the time we got P out the door- and really just felt like plopping the kids in front of a movie and relaxing for the night- but Im really glad I didn't. (pardon if I'm tooting my own horn here.. )

Anyways- We had a lot of fun.

First, there were So Special Campin' Dinners Like Daddy's (which the boys both actually loved and ate all of it....and minimal cleanup? hmm....yes please. )

Then we went on a Hike. We ended up at our Bishop's house- and got to tour their mini-golf course, see some fish, and best of all, hold tiny, baby kitties. The boys Loved it!

Then we came home for some of my most-favorite-ever treats: Shmarshmellow Smores. Seriously. I can eat a bajillion of these. (hehe- becky c. ... :) )

(channing kept getting his hand stuck to his plate. :) )

then it was bathtime.

(sweet sister watching the action nearby)

Then Storytime
(it is Toasty in that tent!)

Then Sleeping in their tent.

I was pleasantly surprised that the boys actually went to sleep- together, in close quarters, not in their room, in a new/exciting/fun environment... etc. yes. It was a pleasant surprise.

anyways. We had a blast and this is going to be our new tradition each month when daddy is out on scout camps. Can't wait! :D

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Good Morning, everyone!

Hope ya'll have a fabulous day!

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