Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daddy is the Best

We are currently living full-time at my parents' house while multiple children (between us and the staigers) are sick. Mom teaches piano from 3pm-super late each day, so we hang out in the kids' room and the office in the evenings. After doing some school work with Channing in the office, I walked into the bedroom to this:

Daddy set up lots of 'guys' as target practice for the kids' big Christmas present- Toy Story blasters. (No- Sky was not a target. :) )


Becky said...

You guys are the best parents EVER!!! I love you all and miss you! Serilously love that you made those good eats to celebrate the Psych season finale. Ohh (sigh) I will be like you one day!
Lots of love and I miss you!

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