Friday, July 20, 2007

So, I've been pretty frustrated with this whole blogging thing because I can't figure out how to arrange/deco things the way I want them, but I've received renewed aspirations. Here goes; better luck this time!

Yesterday we said goodbye to our dear friends, the Tutts. I have to admit: as we were walking out to our car I felt a bit emotional. We wish them the best of luck with in Boston. I think it would awesome to move away to a big city like that for awhile. They are stellar people and I'm confident they're going to have a blast in this new phase of life. It's crazy to think someday....someday...we too will be moving on with our life like real adults. I've been thinking about this quite a bit- our friends will come and go as we move throughout our lives, but Patrick is here to stay. No matter where we go in life I'll always have him by my side. This is such a comfort!

We celebrated National Ice Cream Day yesterday- Gotta love America! :) In the car Patrick commented that here were the two best marriages created- ours and Peanut butter and chocolate. Hear, Hear! :)


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