Thursday, July 26, 2007

Updating Posts- July 3

We got a head start on our 4th of July festivities. Monday night we joined with Patrick's family at the Freedom Fest Colonial Days right by our house. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but then I've always been in to things like that. All the people were dressed in era clothes, and we got to see many original signatures/writings of important people of the time: Martha and George Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, etc. It was so amazing to me. I have always had such a deep respect and love for our founding fathers and for our country. God Bless America!

Tuesday night our sister Eliza came to spend the night. It was super fun. We played some mad rounds of DDR while my little brother Evan was there and then started up Harry Potter 4. I did Eliza's hair up in a fancy up-do, a talent I randomly came by in 9th grade when my best friend asked me to try and do her hair for a dance. I've been doing my friends' hair for fancy occasions ever since. I quite enjoy it. :) Plus my subject matters are always total babes. :P


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